Niles Custom: Social/ Spiritual Base


Received my custom subliminal today, I wanted to emphasize on spiritual and social modules as I felt they would have a lot of carry over into other areas of life. I’ll be pairing it along with libertine Ultima as a booster but other than that this is the only sub in my stack.

Core Programs:
Alchemist Stage 4
Dare Devil Core

Healing/Results Enhancement:
Iron Frame
Joie De Vivre
Blue Skies

Emperors voice
Prevent premature ejaculation
Serum X

Charisma/Flirting Mentor
Lion IV
Total Nonchalance

Ego Adsum
Alchemist Stg 4 core
Spiritual Abundance

I believe that’s all the mods, should be 19 in total. My primary goals for this stack is to be someone who enjoys life more, can relax into the moment and have fun, put out positive energy for others, and I would also really like to master social skills. My social skills are definitely above average as I’ve worked as a bartender or in sales for most of my life, but I really want to take them to an advanced level and start being a step ahead in social interactions and really understanding the dynamics.

My first day I got 2 loops in before work, and 1 during work. I noticed my mood was overall better, I felt more comfortable in my body when socializing and I was definitely more absorbed into the conversation and I felt more present throughout the day. Felt some brief intervals of tiredness, and on my way home I had a really strong feeling of euphoria just being present to the moment. Also when I got home tonight my interaction with my girlfriend was way more enjoyable than it has been in awhile, I felt relaxed, fun, I was sharp and witty and overall just way more present than I’ve been in a long time.