Niles; Becoming Legendary


Done messing around in life. The last 3 weeks showed me what is possible…

This journal is going to be more pragmatic, goals, constraints, accomplishments.

Revenue this week: $33,500
CC: $14,500


Goals for revenue next week: $50,000
CC: $30,000

Lifting Goals: Deadlift: 400X1, Incline Bench: 235X4

Personal: Begin building personal brand.
Post 2 youtube videos by end of week.
Finish book- sleight of mouth.



I no longer consider sales, (at least the 1 to 1 model) as a “high income skill”. Max potential there at least in the industry I am in is 400-500K/year, maybe a few guys per year doing in the 7 figure range but I don’t see it being sustainable or as a way I’d want to live my life.

Selling one to many (speaking from stage/webinar) getting better, one to millions (marketing, branding), seems like a lot better use of my time.

Why spend 5 years mastering a $500K/year type skill, what leverage does that create me other then having $500,000, nearly 40% of which would go to the government.

Stop thinking of ways to make a million dollars, start thinking of ways to make hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s literally the same amount of time, and the same amount of work, just different strategies.

Time to start thinking bigger.


Current Stack: Emperor, QL

Ran first loop of QL 1 yesterday. Really pleasantly surprised with this one. Overall felt like my senses came more alive, and felt a sense of curiosity about the world, how things work, etc. The heightened senses made for a really enjoyable experience, similar in a sense to a microdose of psychedelics, where you just feel more emersed in the environment.

I’ve also been considering coming off of TRT. I started at about 25 y/o, currently 27, and flat out didn’t need it when I decided to get on. I was partying a lot, working out a lot, starting to do Muay Thai, and in order to fit that all in my lifestyle and have higher motivation at work, I decided to get on TRT. My levels naturally, while healthy/sleeping well etc, were on the high normal end already.

I’d like to come off because I do plan to have kids a few years out from now, and overall there was some side effects that I no longer want to deal with. First thing is my hair started thinning out more so then I’d like it to, not bad by any means, but it defientley accelerator the process. Overall I just feel like I have aged 5-6 years in the last two years, and I was someone who always had a baby face lol. The biggest thing however; is that I believe it’s really hurt my confidence. Even though it hadn’t changed my physique too much other then holding on another 4-5 lbs of muscle easier, there’s something about having tesosterone come from an external source that just hurts my self image.

For the purpose of coming off TRT I’m considering stacking KB into this. It’s a pretty intensive stack, but I think boosting my sexual energy could help with some of the side effects of coming off of TRT, energy, mood, libido, etc.



Still grinding, but slow start to the week. Emperor and QL are just demanding. Not recon in the form of a healing title, more so just so tired/brain fog. Wouldn’t be an issue at all if I did literally anything else but sales lol, you just have to be so ON every single day, especially in a fully commission role.

No intentions of changing the stack, ultimately the two objectives of these titles are exactly what I’m looking for. Just going to shorten the loops a bit one or two times/week as I’ve been running 15 of both.

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Decided I’m going to taper off my TRT rather then trying to quit cold turkey and do a proper PCT as well. The amount of brain fog I had the last few days, lack of drive, was pretty severe, I felt like an 80 year old man lol. Ended up doing my regular dose this morning and already feeling 10X better. Better mood, mentally sharp, ready to crush this week. Would not advise trying to manipulate hormones unsupervised lol. Absolutely was crushing me in sales over the last few days, like no idea where to take conversations, completely unconfident, it was pretty rough.


Fxxx yeah !!!

Metric style :slight_smile:

What’s the distinction above- is that your goal and your actual?

I’ve been seeing that more and more. I still love and am grateful for 1-1 sales and I see it as a great way to provide income while building outside of it. I do about 30K personal a month in sales now- it winds up 16K after taxes in New York City. I have another large income source as well. I feel at once super rich given how ‘broke’ or average I’ve been most of my life. But I’m craving big money and know I can make that happen.

No offense but it’s not TRT if you don’t need it -its supplementation. This is better for 40-45 y/old. But with subs you may never need it.

So Emperor and QL is your stack? I would go just Emperor for a while if your making a difficult transition like coming off TRT. May a LOTs/Khan Black Stage 1 with SPS Endocrine custom

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Jus seeing this post homie!

Distinction above was total revenue goal vs cash collected. Prior week was $29K revenue/ $13,799 collected.

Big money for sure, glad I learned sales from this level as I think it gave me my work ethic and confidence, but selling from stage/to masses is really my next step. 6 Figure opportunities take just as much work as 7 figure opportunities, if not more. Also selling from stage as an awesome way to build your brand, authority in a space, networking, etc.

I feel ya on the trt part lol, was defientley supplementation but I was on it for almost 2 years so figured I needed it at that point. Been off for almost 2 weeks now, and I’ve noticed actually no change, if anything I feel like I have more energy and libido then before interestingly enough. I feel like it’s possible that my test was being supressed/capped by external testosterone and my body naturally makes more then I was taking lol, last time I got tested prior to taking test my free test was in the red for being too high lol, back in my Khan days :rofl:

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I finally took a leap of faith and ran a loop of RoS yesterday. RoM has been my most consistent sub over the last year, and running spiritual subs basically boosts my results in almost every area of my life. The biggest reason for this switch from Emperor to RoS, is that I’ve been feeling spiritually dead recently. Had a long talk with my girlfriend about how nothing gets me exciting anymore, I’ve been working 60-70 hour weeks, and it’s just wiped my soul completley, and I wasn’t even seeing much of a pay off. By taking care of the spiritual side, I actually see better results in my wealth life even if I’m working less because I’m in such a better state, percieve more opportunities, have a stronger ability to influence, and overall have more passion for life.

My first loop of RoS yesterday was probably my favorite first day out of any sub I’ve ran. I know the first day is always pretty awesome, but this was a pretty incredible expierience. I feel like RoM really prepped me and gave me context for how to make the most out of it, but basically spent 2 hours meditating and releasing a bunch of negative feelings and events going on in my life, and after the state I was in, and the events that unfolded were pretty amazing.

  • Profound presence and enjoyment of the moment. I’ve been constantly stressing about work. Even at the gym, or late at night, I had been constantly been thinking about things I needed to get done. Went to the gym for 2 hours yesterday, and just enjoyed the workout more then i ever have in my life. Everything felt incredible lol, streching, warming up, maxing out, listening to music, mixing up my lifts and trying new ones I haven’t done before.

-Patience. Was in a released/meditative state all day, knew the things I wanted to accomplish, but. didn’t rush them and just let the actions come when nessicary. This was a pretty awesome sensation, because by being patient and expecting things to happen, it felt like I had a gravitational pull towards my desires.

Healing- After releasing on some relationship issues, talked with my GF out of the blue and she ended up re-aranging plans to come hangout, and we had the best night we’ve had together in months, no fighting, no attachment, no negative feelings, and I’ll leave out the explicit details but… :exploding_head:

Curiosity- Genuinely curious again about the world, my days, what’s going to unfold, without the attachment of what I’d like to happen. Woke up today just excited for the day, can’t remember the last time I felt like that. Just thought to myself genuinely this morning, “I wonder what’s going to happen/unfold today”, and had an incredible excitement about it.

Sales- Easier. No closes yesterday, but generating some really solid leads of some big leads that I should close later on this week. Absolutely no expectation, outcome dependency, and totally present on what they were saying and their problems, and total awareness over my vocal tonality and how I wanted to say things. Overall it just made selling incredibly fun and exciting.

For context this was a 3 min loop, stacked with a full loop of Genesis Mogul.


Genesis Mogul Result, for some reason my rent bill is literally $500 less then it has been this month? :joy:

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Gotta love America and taxes

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Medically prescribed orrr?

Nawh, black market. Started doing it a couple years ago when doing Muay Thai and lifting 7 days a week, while simulataniously going out 4-5 times a week lol. just mainly for recovery purposes and to have more energy for making money. Was always afraid to come off cold turkey but stopped a couple weeks ago cold turkey and have literally noticed no difference

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And that is why you always get bloodwork before doing this. Maybe you already had high T?

You should be fine if you weren’t medically prescribed it. All it will do if you we’re taking a bodybuilder dose is make you go from the TRT testosterone level to pre TRT testosterone levels.

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Yeah I wasn’t even doing BB dose basically like a mid TRT dose, 150 mg/week which is pretty standard.

Didn’t even really add any weight or muscle bc I was already lifting for over ten years pretty dumb exoieirment lol

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That’s not a mid TRT dose, that’s a normal TRT dose.

It’s okay, we live and we learn but yeah with that dose it’s a replacement dose so the only way you’d gain muscle with that is if you actually had low T.

Had probably the craziest manifestation of my life just now. This morning I did a meditation/visualization based on Neville Goddards teachings on living in the wish fulfilled.

Strongly visualized doing a public speaking event with some of my mentors/coaches that I look up to.

Literally 15 minutes after my boss added me to a group text with that exact coach I was thinking about doing the event with in my visualization as he knew I was thinking about joining into the program and he’s good friends with him. Like mind blow rn. :exploding_head:


Potential Sales Custom modeled after @Azriel TSB

  1. True Sell
  2. Genesis Mogul Core, HOM, or RICH
  3. NWE if needed
  4. Unrelenting wealth motivation
  5. Financial Reality Shifter
  6. Fenirir
  7. Power Talk
  8. Plateau Trasnscedent
  9. Fortunes Favorite
  10. Yddgrasil
  11. Direct Influencing Aura
  12. Kings Radiance
  13. Natural Winner
  14. Subconscious Flow
  15. Furious Ascent
  16. Iron Frame
  17. Lion IV
  18. Pragya

@ouroboros @Vesper @Extraordinaire @Azriel Would love some feedback from ya guys!

Other option here is making a manifesation custom as @Vesper suggested and then running my main wealth/sales as main titles.


Honestly really good custom, only one I’m not so sure about is Lion IV. Other than that pretty good as a standalone custom. I’d say wait a bit so you don’t have to put the NWE core and just use True Sell + HoM (G:M if you think it suits you better) combo.

If you’re making a manifestation custom on the other hand then that’s a different story and some modules in that custom can removed. Here’s the one I got in QTKS:

Minds Eye Core


Fortune’s Favourite

Void of Creation





The Merger of Worlds

Submodel Alpha

The Architect

Current Invoker

Carpe Diem Ascended



Information Releaser


Subconscious Flow


Energetic Development XI

To be honest if someone was to make a manifestation custom to bend reality to your advantage but focused on wealth and social the modules in that custom would exactly be it. Combine this with HoM and those deals are going to get closed faster then you ever thought possible. @Azriel and @ouroboros fyi for you guys as well.

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(Results Enhancer/Manifestation/Social and Status Confidence. Added the last 5 bc I think they will be beneficial in just about any thing I pursue especially entrepreneur/sales wise. KB to power the whole thing.

  1. Minds Eye
  2. KB 4
  3. Jupiter
  4. Faith Unyielding
  5. Dominon
  6. DEUS
  7. Natural Winner
  8. Omnidemensional
  9. Overdrive
  10. Pragya
  11. Subconscious Flow
  12. Tyrant
  13. Yggadrasil
  14. Void Of Creation
  15. Glory Seeker
  16. Lion IV
  17. Hedgemon
  18. Power Talk
  19. Dragons Tounge
  20. Ever Present