Niles: A Quantam shift

Haven’t done an update in awhile, this custom in particular took me awhile to see results, but starting my third run through now I’m really beginning to see the impact it’s had on me.
|Chosen Core
|Emperor: House of Medici Q Core
|Instant Business Tactician
|True Sell
|Song of Joy
|Financial Success Reality Shifter
|Direct Influencing Aura
|Unrelenting Wealth Motivationand Energy
|Alpha of Alpha
|Eagle Eye
|Lion IV
|Iron Frame
|The Forge
|Total Nonchalance
|Natural Winner|

It was really geared towards business/ getting my finances together but Choosen for sure helped me a ton in a lot of different aspects. I used to be this degenerate partier (still can be :joy:) but Choosen really helped clear up a lot of negative energy and commit to a long term relationship. This custom took awhile to see results as I had a lot of restiance to money/ spending but I have really cleared a path and starting to have a clear vision for my future. I’ve taken a lot of action towards working my self and have opened up multiple streams of income, not where I want to be financially yet but I’m finally making money independent from my employer and developing skills which I plan to monetize in the future.

On top of my custom I’ve mixed stacking it with RICH, PCC, and currently emperor as k felt I didn’t really have an alpha/ sex sub or modules in my current one. My social skills have immensely improved from power can corrupt and all the social modules I have in my custom as well. This has always been my strongest attribute but it’s becoming elite to where everything is slowing down in real time, I pick up on non verbals, and I’m extremely conscious over my sub communications and what im projecting in social environments.

I’m also starting to think on a bigger/long term scale now. I used to have really small thinking trying to shoot for $100K a year in a sales job, now I have full conviction that by the time I’m 30 I will have a net worth of 10 mill, a huge social media, powerful friends etc. I used to have these goals but it was never something I truly believed possible but now my vision is so much clearer and I’m taking massive action to realize my financial, relationship, and success goals.

I’m also attracting more positive like minded people into my life. The friends I used to hang out and party with our not in my life anymore, I spend my time mostly with other like minded entrepreneurs, women who I have there full loyalty, etc. my thoughts and patterns have shifted completely. I used to be completely obsessed with women, sex, my social status, and now that has all become an after thought. I find myself always thinking about business ideas, how I can improve thinks, markets, economics etc. it’s intense because I feel like an entirely different person in many ways but it’s a change I needed. Funny how I don’t really know how much I have changed until I started journaling about this.


7/2. Am absolutely crazy manifestation today. Came across a business opportunity that could easily yield 100K plus a year, pretty passively once I get the right systems in play. Funny thing is it’s been right in my face for over 5 years and I’m just finding up about it. Also linking up with some very high level connections. Getting the feeling that this month things really start to take off.

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