Next in my wish list


Next in my wish list, but not anytime soon.

  1. EOG
  2. QL
  3. PCC
  4. Emperor
  5. Commandant
  6. Dare Devil


Mine is something like:

  1. Emperor V4
  2. Commandant
  3. QL
  4. Alchemist Core
  5. EOG
  6. Emperor Fitness


i am curious how emperor fitness will breakdown every stage


Any idea on when Emperor Fitness will be realised?


For me it is:

  • Ultimate Artist
  • Ecstacy of Gold
  • Sex Mastery
  • Primal Seduction
  • Emperor Fitness


Not really. Its in the roadmap for 2020


Where’s the thread for the 2020 roadmap?


@Hermit - it was already decided in one of the forum posts that SubClub will make Emperor Fitness. And since 2019 is almost over, we are guessing that it will be done in 2020.

I wouldn’t mind if it came earlier. I am quite looking forward to it.


I’m patient for the product, only eager for more information. I’m sticking to my schedule.


I’m counting the days until I get QL and switch over to Emperor + QL ST1 for my day stack! Depending on how I feel, I might keep Sanguine + SMx2 for my night stack.

After that… Spartan is a good candidate, though I’m intrigued by what Emperor Fitness might have of course. EoG is a sure bet long term.


@Hermit - my stack is fine though. Am not interested in adding every subliminal that SubClub releases all at once. For example, out of all the future releases of Emperor Fitness, Mind’s Eye, The Commandant, etc, am only interested in Emperor Fitness at the moment.


@BLACKICE - am looking forward to EF too.


My wish for Emperor Fitness would be an included “Emperor Fitness Lite” (maybe as a bonus). So you can easily stack it with other major programs without diffusing your stack too much. @SaintSovereign

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