NewLease; Q Experience

Doing this the right way, with patience and zero compromise.


:,) :’) :") best of luck

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Much appreciated :slight_smile:

How long are you planning to run each stage?

I’m running stage 1 passed April, probably the middle or end of May. Similar amount of time for stage 2 and stage 3 for the recommended 30 days and then stage 4…may not want to stop.

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Nothing much to report. Feeling chill today, had some dreams but can’t remember but some embarrassing memories from when I was young popped up. Like I was remembering lyrics to a song and it triggered a cringy moment.

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Was feeling chill today, but then had a big lunch and feel like I’m in a haze. Feeling tired and I just want the work day to end already.

Can agree on this one. How long are you shooting for when it comes to ST1?

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I’ve heard @AMASH and I think @laughingprince talk about a feeling of stagnation where the sub broke down all that it needed to and the time to move on was undeniable. I’m aiming for that.

Had some dreams that I can’t really remember, felt really dark and angry yesterday but it passed, woke up feeling good today and mostly memories are popping up of embarrassing and shame moments in my life from recent to not very recent.

Feeling very chill and very calm right. I have that vibe you get when just lying down taking a nap listening to lofi or with friends play dominoes or cards by the poolside even though I’m at work right now. My mind feels like its getting lighter and lighter.

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Last night I thought about watching porn and when I went to the site it disgusted me and I closed the tab. This morning at around 5, I was having sexual fantasies and I got aroused and I gave into the urge to jerk off. Now I’m at work and I feel fine. No breakthroughs yet.

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A memory just popped up in my head. I really was a spoiled brat of a child smh.

I’ve never played Dark Souls before but the dream I had was what I would imagine it to be. I was running and crawling up a building that was being constructed while being chased by some giant swiping and grabbing after me. There was another giant who was trying to protect me. That giant sacrificed itself to save me. I think I might have been a girl in the dream. Not too sure.

There was some other stuff about school work that needed to be done, and a Christian youth retreat being held at my school. And I think someone who claimed to live in the islands even though they were in America and driving a mobile home.

Had a second dream last night. I was with a group on a farm land and there was another group there. I think the land belonged to them. My group and the other group each made a shelter for a storm that was coming, my groups shelter fell apart when the storm arrived.

The second part of the dream was a mixture of video game and anime. I was a Soul Calibur character and I lost a fight to a female character. The game came to an end before I could get a rematch and then I said something like “Stoping the game, when I can finally see the ending.” It was from the anime “The World Only God Knows” where the main character is obsessed with dating simulators and can’t stand actual girls.

Feeling anxiety right now and also not feeling too well. Khan TB is definitely breaking down something in me. Curious what will happen tomorrow.

Been running into some old female friends that I had classes with. I think those are manifestations to help me become more open and social. Gone back to having dreams I can’t remember and also embarrassing and shameful memories keep popping up.

How did the interactions go with them?

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Nice and casual. Good seeing each other after a long time but only saw them as friends.

I knew there would be manifestations to test me but I didn’t expect losing my debit card. Now it’s all kinds of fuckry I have to go through to get another one. This document that document proof of address and such and such. Not panicking but just wow.

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