NewLease; One Day At A Time


I am starting over completely. My last journal was a mess with me using a subliminal, switching to a different subliminal, then switching back and it was pointless. Not getting the results I wanted because I’m not giving enough time to anything. At this point I am wasting time and money, so I’m starting over. I didn’t screw up in school as bad as I thought so I’m starting with a simple stack; Primal Seduction and Primal Seduction Iron Throne. I thought about Emperor but what is money and success if I’m lonely and miserable (and I’ve been lonely and miserable for too long). Need to get my dating and sex life sorted out before anything else.


You know, with so many people doing Khan, EoG and Emperor I’m glad to see someone going back to the classics. Good luck (and lots 'o women) to you!

If this is going to be a journal, please change the category.


Thanks for that and the encouragement


Looking forward to your results :wink:


Me too bro


I decided not to go with a stack, just doing to use Primal Seduction. I played it on set and forget last night and I had the craziest dream. I was being hunted by a group of killers who were shooting arrows that were also bombs. They took my father out in his house that was big and kinda fancy and also burning down. I was hiding in the hills and the bushes and the killers were just enjoying themselves like it was hide and seek. Next thing I know, me and my father’s business partner got one of them as our captive mopping the floors of some nasty public bathroom.

Not sure what to make of that.


@NewLease - any dream involving the Father is a reflection of the effect your father has on you. It also sometimes relates to your masculine side.

In this, am guessing the message is positive even though they “dream-killed” your father since it means you are coming out of the shadow of your father and being a masculine man yourself. Even if you are already masculine, some last remnant subconscious chains might have broken away. This is evident since you were competent enough to be able to capture the “enemy” in your dream and assign him a “nightmarish” task (pun intended).

That’s my interpretation atleast.


@raphael thank you for you input and the support, it means a lot.

I realized something when I woke up this morning. I realized that I can’t go back in time. I would love to be able to turn back the clock to when I was in my teens and just live life bolder. I’m just few months away from being 30 and I have to accept that there is nothing I can do about my past. At this point girls aren’t the only problem. I have work that is piling, in my final semester that I am screwing up (nothing I can’t recover from) and I am just embarrassed with who I am now and where my life is.

My dating and sex life is one of many problems that Primal Seduction alone can’t solve. So I’m going back to Emperor V3. I started it last night on set and forget, its still playing now and I’m feeling energized. This is the first sub I ever bought from Subliminal Club and I should have stuck with. To think where I would be right now if I did.


@NewLease - Yeah I understand. I am 38 and there are many things I have still not mastered.

For example, my health and wealth is in shambles. And sometimes it feels like am inching my way on this journey. My dating life is comparitively not bad since I have game but when one’s health and wealth isn’t in order, it affects dating too. So that’s there.

On the bright side though, all of us here have the advantages of subliminals from SubClub and am sure that if we persevere with them, we will not only catch up to where we want to be but will even surpass it.


I hear you @raphael. For me and dating it has always been approach anxiety. The idea of getting shot down in front of everybody. Of course with EV3 not caring what others think would definitely help.


I have darkness in me, I’ve always known that and Emperor is bringing it to the surface. My teens and early twenties were not the best with bullying and feeling inferior (I still feel inferior). I still feel really angry about it. I imagine scenarios when I’m standing up for myself but then the images get violent. Just a while ago, I imagined myself back in highschool and I was going after someone who used to torment me. I was really strong and wouldn’t let anyone get in my way. Not his parents, not my father, not the principal and when I got to him it was graphic. No details.


I had a presentation today that I was nervous about and I did surprisingly well. Not the best but it it got the job done. And I got complimented on my voice.


Emperor is making wake up early so horny that I can’t go back to sleep. This morning I had to fap couldn’t help it, it was crazy.


I’ve noticed that Emperor has me getting up early bed. This used to be hard to do but now I’m doing it with no problems. Also I think I’m seeing the manifestation of women. Problem is I panicked and backed off far. I just couldn’t do or say anything. All I could think about was what everybody else would have thought if I got shot down.


I find myself procrastinating a lot when it comes to work and school. I also feel the desire to switch subs…the true test.


Your anger is a good sign - it is the path to overcome inferiority and claim back your strength.


Feeling the reconciliation right now. I’m feeling the desire to watch porn and to switch subs and stack subs but I no I would really regret that. I’m too impatient for multiple subs and switching would undo my progress so far. Sticking only with Emperor V3.


Alot of people have inner issue’s but go to the relationship/ dating/ sex sublimals first when in fact they need a foundation first and need to figure themselves out before women can enter there life. Stick with emperor ive been reading through this forum and ive seen many people jump from sublimnal to subliminal im guilty of this myself.i bought like 4 major programs within 2 weeks lol


Ive been there many times. You have to go 54321 and approach i dont do it all the time sometimes the fear/ approach anxiety gets the best of me. But when i do say F IT and approach regardless of the outcome i feel amazing that i actually approached and i always say to myself how the result was nowhere near as bad as my mind was making it out to be


About the porn thing, find yourself someone who ain’t looking nor wanting something serious. They are a lot easier to find. I don’t know your style but if you project you working on yourself and you don’t have time for serious relationships, you should be fine.