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This too shall pass


Reconciliation has been undeniable this weekend. As I said before lost my debit card but hope to get a new one today, sleep paralysis has also been a thing the night before and I definitely feeling things getting broken down now. Feeling really on guard right now and I just hope today to goes smoothly.


Hey that’s interesting. I went back to Khan St1. And I’ve experienced sleep paralysis too


There is some nasty stuff that Khan TB needs to breakdown in both of us it seems. I’m grateful for it though.


Brother can you give me some advice on regards to what sort of action you are taking to support the breakdown during quarantine times?


I got nothing my g. With the whole social distancing and not having much to do just focusing really on myself by using TB for like healing. Things are holding me back from taking action and my aim is to clear all that out.


Khan TB is really putting me through it. Made a major mistake at work today and I can’t believe it. Felt so terrible about it and telling my father wasn’t fun. Feeling better now though. You know that feeling when just finished crying? That’s what I’m feeling right now, like I just let it all out.


Crazy dream last night where I was driving down a dark road late at night in the hills and a group of serial killers tried to get at me. They set traps, they were chasing me all over the place and the only thing that saved me was that my car door was locked because they tried opening it first. Then some how I got to safety and I was in my house with my family for breakfast.


@SaintSovereign please close this thread as well


are you stopping the TB?


What is your reasoning behind asking for your journals to be closed? Do you want them closed or deleted? The latter can be done by you I believe. The former is unlikely to happen unless something in the thread happens which makes it volatile or otherwise violate the forums standards. If I’m wrong, kindly ignore me but if your are asking because you’re simply no longer using those journals - that is unlikely to happen. It prevents others from asking questions about your experience in the future if they should come across your journal(s). It would be contrary to the nature and goals of the board


The journals are a mess and this one is on the verge of becoming that. I’m trying a new approach where I actually have progress to report instead of just another mess of a journal which would be a waste.


Sorry @NewLease I’m not sure I understand. “The journals are a mess”? Can you clarify please


I mean I go from one subliminal to another subliminal then another subliminal and each time not having much to show for myself because I either its not the right sub or self-sabotage. As result my own journals are just all over the place.