Newbie questions


First of all I’d like to apologize for posting this here as lurking didn’t find me precise tailored results.
I’ve been listening to free subs for near 6 months, consistently and i got good results and have been happy.

I discovered this website and I want to try this all out

I can’t seem to decide what I want. There are so many choices with very subtle differences and it’s triggering me finally I chose to point at StarkQ and Ascension, is this a good combo to be a sociable alpha male or is there perhaps a better combo?? There’s so many choices and my main priorities are being fearless and loveable socially and also emitting alpha male vibes.

I am listening to a testosterone and hgh frequency currently to boost my workouts and emperor fitness supreme seems delicious.

Can I continue to listen to those?

, I also listen to a height frequency and hair frequency, I’ve gotten results from them and I’d love to keep them in my playlist.

Finally, how many subliminals can I listen to from this website on phase? My eyes are on the emperor fitness, ascension, and starkQ. I decided to take 2 days of pondering what I want to choose or perhaps if theres a better combo for my precise needs (socially boyish and fun, charming, seduction, alpha) however the fitness one stays in there for sure since I live in the gym :stuck_out_tongue:

loong winded question, Can I cut out the testosterone sub and hgh sub and allow emperor fitness to take over that entire aspect of my goals?

and if I use those three subliminals from this website (plus two of my own which have 0 affirmations and are more frequencies for height and hair) is there a consequence?


Welcome to SubClub @Yazooneh.

Your choices of Ascension, EF, and Stark are excellent choices when looking at your lifestyle. But all 3 at one time is not a good choice, especially when you’ve been using less denser subs.

All subs now come in Q build, which from Saint’s words, mean 1 loop of a new Q sub = 6 loops of the same sub pre-Q (1:3 for staged sets). Q subs are very dense and pack a lot of power. If you stack 3 Q subs as a newbie, you’ll likely have some very bad experiences. Reconciliation is real, it’s your brain trying to incorporate the new “reality”, and often your mood and mindset will be begging for better experiences. If you began with just one Q sub, like EF, and had mild reconciliation, you’d still feel able to handle this and adjust listening as needed.

Again, Q subs are a major step above in power, unlike any of their previous creations. Stacking is still encouraged, but pace yourself. I did 3 different Q subs throughout the day yesterday (home all day, 1 loop each), and my third run was stressful. About 20 minutes in, I felt that inner anxiety (almost a low-grade panic) arise. I finished the loop, but did so since I have tried to dismiss truths in my life, and facing it taught me more. Too much = a lot of internal stress. I ran one loop of EmperorQ this morning, and am still sitting with its good effects. No more today.

Regarding the other products you mentioned, I’m unsure if they are subliminals or entrainment products, so I can’t comment. SC, along with most sub vendors, usually discourage mixing subs from different makers, mostly since it can cause you problems. I’ve done it, so I know.

I look forward to seeing your progress.


thanks man, as for the subs i mix in i think ill keep them mainly because it’s just frequencies that trigger body changes and the height one I committed to and has been giving me results but I found that khan has the most powerful aspects of emperor which is basically ascension mogul and sex master. Also it has daredevil and primal seduction, which means Imma choose this one. Along with…The fitness supreme.

These two packages are good enough and not too much, don’tchu think @subliminalguy


Well, remember staged subs are extremely dense; thus the stages.

I did Kahn Stage 1 for over 2 months, and by itself, it’ll keep your head busy. Also, your heart. A lot of guys begin facing old regrets when starting Stage 1 (aka Total Breakdown or TB). It doesn’t last forever, but its focus is on eliminating every thought or belief that keeps you from being the very best man you can be.

I didn’t have too much trouble initially, but I began feeling major gaps in my life, meaning a lack of connections. I’ve almost never approached a woman in my life considering sex (I’ve been fearful and passive most of my years), but I purposely detoured one day to go into a Home Depot. I was horny as hell, and that’s not my norm. I remembering feeling almost angry since 3 or 4 people were in this slow-moving line with a really cute cashier. It felt incredibly slow. After a minute I left–frustrated.

Yeah, Kahn will keep you plenty busy :smile:

I’ve never done EF.


this is good, I want to do that and EF and hopefully that’s not too much along with the minor frequencies i use, I truly believe it isn’t but I’m still very very nervous, I’m buying it in 3 hours


Are you starting fresh now? Or have you used programs before? Sorry if I missed it.

I agree with @subliminalguy.

I’ll add, if you’re starting fresh, I’d start with just Ascension. I did not do that myself, but I was, as the title of this topic says, a newbie.

I learned about the programs sort of non-systematically. I knew that my central goal aligned with Ecstasy of Gold, so I decided to just start from there and stay with it for as long as it took. I do not regret my original decision.

But if I were advising my newbie self, I’d advise a strategy of Graduated Density. I’d start with one of the light, agile, aluminum-frame programs that are strong, focused, and direct. (Programs like Ascension, Mogul, Sex Mastery). This would give me an initial, confidence-building experience of the power of the programs, and it would enable me to work out, in a lower-stakes context, the foundations of my long-term approach to working with subliminals.

Well, maybe I would do that. Chances are my intuition would guide me to do something completely different (as it did).