Newbie Q help....?


Hi all
Can I download ascension Q from my downloads and listen to it or do I need to go through the process of adding my name etc?


You can download it and listen to it right now.

Adding your name to it (ie customizing) is one of the features that is set to be available in future.


I believe you should have it in your downloads.


I think you cant even do that yet


So I can’t listen to Q cause I see them in my downloads…?


Are you sure I can listen to Q directly from downloads…?


yeah boii what makes you think otherwise?


Because I read that u must add ur name etc…not sure if I can listen to it alone without adding all that…


Adding your name to it will make it more powerful, and it’s something that is in the works.

But the current versions (that do not have your name embedded) in your downloads also work very well.


To be honest I can really feel it as compared to regular ascension…I got Ascension and limit destroyer both are Q…I only played them today…it’s very smooth can definitely feel it doing something…


Just downloaded Emperor Q. How many loops are recommended for this one?