Newbie here! Hello!


As the title says, newbie here! I’d like to introduce myself here and get to know the community!

Following a painful split from my partner, ever since I set the intention to receive clarity in my life, I’ve been coming across a lot of teachers as well as tools with this forum being one of them.

What intrigues me about subliminals in general is that the conscious mind cannot actively resist or reject the suggestions (if I understand correctly).

I’ve tried meditation, hypnotherapy, weight loss challenges and I’ve lost count honestly. The changes were initial but never long lasting and the only obstacle I see is the conscious minds intervention. It’s as though I almost snapped back like an elastic go by default programming.

Then it hit me, my entire default programming can benefit from a 360 change. Mindset shift, deliberately choosing to see life through lens favourable independent of actual external and internal circumstances.

I’d describe my default programming as somewhat recovering pessimistic, worry wart, anxious over analyzer and somewhat a bit of nihilist. But also spiritually inclined and working on connecting deeper with intuition.

Goals predominantly include a general turn around in default programming to be optimistic, resilient, persistent, go getter, motivated, calm, grounded and truly enjoy life. Weight loss is a huge one, I’ve been living in an obese body for the past 15 years. In addition, I’d also like to incorporate suggestions for a better self concept - self confidence, self love, self respect etc.

I’ve gone through the description of many subs and there seem to be so many options, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I hear that one can listen to 3 titles, if I may request any recommendations along the goals I’ve described above and also share your own journey as a beginner, I’d find that comforting and encouraging because at this point, the anxiety and hopelessness at times is crippling.

I choose to not be defined by the trauma in the past, and want to take a chance on subliminals and intend that they open up a world that only seems like a dream right now.

Thank you in advance! (:


Welcome. A spiritual nihilist? Is that possible?
Given your name I’m going to recommend Ascension for Women or better yet read this


Ascension for women sounds like it would be a great place to start, possibly also Seductress after a month or two of using the first title


Thank you so much, I can’t wait to read this.

Yes, I see the dichotomy there but some days I wake up feeling nihilistic while some days I’m surprised to find myself feeling free of anxiety/chest pain and also leaning on the positive side and seeing the divine order of things.

Sometimes I can’t even articulate how I’m feeling let alone process them. Feels like a walking talking conundrum.


I myself would recommend LimitlessQ + Ascended Mogul Q. That stack is the most productive and optimistic I’ve EVER been.

Welcome to the Club!


Seductress sounds intriguing. Thank you for the advice. I’m still getting familiarized with the forum, I’ll look up both these titles!


I would start with one only, for at least 3 months. Just assume it is working for you even if you do not notice anything.

I did that and I’m extremely happy with my results.


Check out Regeneration and Sanguine. Sub Club’s products are like no other imo when it comes to making one feel and act empowered. Sanguine is a powerful booster that helps to reframe those crippling negative emotions into positive thoughts and feelings of empowerment. It does this in the moment. This sub helped me to believe that I would get the victory over stressful situations, and it also helped me to see what I needed to do to get those results.


Seductress + Rebirth

Those two should be the perfect foundation.

Write a journal to track how your body & mind are changing.

After a few weeks, you can assess if you want more of – confidence, healing, or something functional like money, fitness, or spirituality.

Welcome to SubClub. :+1:t2:


Welcome aboard! You’re starting in a similar place to where I did when I first found subs. Fortunately, they’re a lot better now than they were then.
It sounds to me like you’ve got a life long self image issue. You are right about the rubber band effect with most methods of self improvement. If your self image doesn’t change on a deep level, your subconscious will fight any change that makes your body, mind, or life not match it.
I would suggest that you start with either Ascension for Women, or Seductress as others have.
Ascension is the simplest and will go right to work on your self image, self esteem, and sense of your own status in the world. It’ll give you noticeable results fast too.
Seductress will do all of that, have an effect on your body as well if you give it time and take action. Plus it has some other effects. The title is pretty self explanatory.
After a good while on one or both of those, you might want to join the Order of the Dragon.
The important thing is that you stick with whatever plan you choose for a good long time, and take action that moves you toward your goals.
Journaling really helps you realize the progress you’re making too.
The people who get the truly awesome results that are as good as the ad copy promises are the ones who stick to a single title or a small focused stack for a year or more of consistent use.
Best of results to you.


Thank you, I will look into both those titles


Yes, I’m considering a minimum of 60 days for any title I choose and only layering on complimentary titles over it based on my preferred goals


Yes, I’m considering Regeneration + Elixir Vs Rebirth + Elixir as my main healing title and then layer it on with Ascension and/or Seductress. It’s tempting because there are so many good ones but I do understand the power of long term repetition!


Seductress seems to be a popular choice and I can see why. Would you be able to comment on the difference between Regeneration Vs Rebirth. I’m a bit conflicted on which one would be better suited for healing and resolving past trauma


Thank you for taking the time out to type this out, I truly appreciate and feel connected knowing that I’m not alone in the journey especially given how everything I’ve done up until so far has only yielded temporary results.

Would you be able to comment on how much belief is needed or if belief is even needed in order to let the subs do their thing? As you can see, I’m running a bit short of belief and this is something that worries me and keeps me up at night.


Welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

If you consider running Regeneration, which is a great choice if it comes to healing, loving yourself and self-confidence, you can read my journal. I ran it along with Elixir Ultima which many users would recommend to stack with Regeneration too. Later on you could listen to whatever you wished to.


There is a strong sexual component to Seductress that makes me think that the sub would be more effective after there has been an empowering base of subs such as Regeneration, Elixir and Rebirth. The beauty about these subs is that you can decide when you want to move on to something different, and if you want to add another title to help you see faster results in a particular area, you can do that too.


I like what everyone is telling you. One thing you have to know is that the subs created by this company are not your usual subs. They can very tough emotionally if you’re not used to their power. Especially the latest version (the Q versions). I’ve been running these subs for two years now and they’re still tough on me. Ascension For Women is a great place to start. It is a foundational sub. Run it for a few months see how you react to it and you’ll be able to tell which other subs and how many is right for you.


Love it, thank you.

I’m strongly inclined to start off the foundation by doing some weeding. I’ve made an active effort to curb the negative self talk while being more kind to myself. But there are some days where I wonder what’s the point anyways, so I’m intending regeneration helps.

Regeneration + Elixir + Seductress (I see that there are scripts for ascension too in Seductress so perhaps a good combo).

At some point in the next few months, I’d like to consider a sub to assist with weight loss and better eating habits and lifestyle in general so perhaps Spartan or Emperor Fitness.


I agree 100%. Intuitively, I’m very guided to healing and building a solid base that I can further layer titles on. Thank you for your recommendation!