New user and in need of significant advice


New to subliminals and I need one for productivity (I have anxiety issues and procrastinate severely) specifically for passing a course (corporate tax) and acquiring a new language. I’ve seen one called “Limitless” and then there’s “Beyond Limitless Ultima” and I’m honestly quite confused by both of them being so similar in description. Furthermore, there are no dates for when these products where released and I don’t know if Beyond Limitless is an updated version of Limitless or they’re completely separate from each other. Moreover, I’m reading that there’s some safety concerns with how to listen to a subliminal and I’d like to listen through wireless headphones but apparently the quality of the headphones matter. I’ll be using the Status Audio Flagship ANC headphones (for anyone that needs this information). That’s basically the concerns I have, help would be much appreciated.


Hello and welcome,

The difference between the two is in their build and their effect. Limitless is a regular subliminal and Beyond Limitless Ultima is what is known as an Ultima format subliminal.

Limitless will come with a masked version and ultrasonic version. If you are listening on headphones it is recommended to only use the masked version as ultrasonic on headphones can cause damage to your hearing. Regular subliminals are meant for long-term, deep work. The results will be slightly slower to take affect but they will be more profound. The conditioning will be more permanent, in a sense.

Beyond Limitless Ultima will come in a single format that combines both masked and ultrasonic in one file. It is okay to listen to this on headphones, as the ultrasonic component has been turned out to a safe level for hearing (however if you experience any pain/ringing discontinue and try again after taking some rest). Ultima format titles are meant as boosters. They will provide quick results, but the effects will be less profound in the long run.

With all that being said, I would recommend Limitless as your regular main sub and, if your budget allows for it, you also buy Limitless Executive Ultima. Limitless Executive Ultima is the same as Beyond Limitless Ultima but it is also combined with another title (Executive Ultima) that is entirely meant to enhance productivity & motivation.

When you make your purchase you will receive a listening guide in your downloads section that will explain things like how many loops to listen to each, rest days, etc.

Your headphones should be more than sufficient for the Ultima format titles


That was the perfect response, thank you so much.