New to subs questions on Khan stack


Good morning!

I am relatively new to the whole subliminal game but I wanted to say that the experience has been life changing. I had been dealing with severe depression for close to 2Y after my divorce and after trying my first subliminal (Khan) it changed everything for me. I started actually caring for the first time in a long time and having a vested interest in taking care of myself; body and mind.

I am currently working my way through Khan ST1 and had a stacking question. I wanted to add MogulV2 to the loop that i run so that i maximizing both my personal and professional growth. Since I am relatively new I didn’t want to “over work” my mind and I also didn’t want to cause such a shift that it could be difficult to adjust my day-to-day life.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and look forward to taking this new journey in my life.


Welcome @jdubb!

Can you share a bit more about your goals? What specifically do you want?

Then we can help much better.


Sure and thanks for responding. What lead me to Khan was tearing down all the walls from the trauma of a rough childhood and through that finally letting go of the past. Then allowing myself to be more open and self confident. My goals would be to allow myself to be the vision I’ve always had but never could take the proper steps. That is being in shape, having a successful career (i work in IT), being a good father and being comfortable in being myself.


Great! Khan has in it some of the Mogul scripting.

Since you’re very focused on healing, I would suggest that you stick to Khan, running Stage 1 for about 45-60 days, then moving to the other stages.

This will match your goals very well.

Also, when you say “in shape,” how well are you doing now, and what is your vision for the body and fitness level you want?


Thanks. This helps take a lot of the guess work out of the transition between stages. I was thinking around 2-3 months per stage on Khan so I’m glad i wasn’t too far off.
For my fitness goals I’ve done plenty of research but little action LOL. I’d like to just be lean and strong. my goal has always be around 200LBS (i’m 6’3) and 20% BMI. No aspirations to be Arnold Schwarzenegger :slight_smile:


By the time you reach Khan Stage 3, this will not be a problem anymore :wink:


Dope. I am 20days into ST1 and the change has been remarkable. I no longer fill my time with mindless activities to get that quick dopamine fix. I fill a sense of urgency and purpose with what i chose to do with my time. I still hear the voice that says, “but I’m tired, lets just eat Taco Bell and chill.” But that voice is no longer winning. If the remainder of the program continues this upward trend i will have gotten more that my moneys worth:). I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.


No worries, I am glad you’re enjoying Khan and changing your life.

If you would consider keeping a Journal here so that we follow your progress, share your breakthroughs, and cheerlead for you, it will be something we will all enjoy.