New to subliminalclub


I browsed through the catalog of subclub almost all we’re very tempting but I have a fixed thing I want to work on, and that’s the “no fucks given” attitude. I saw there were 2 subs which stated it in their description. Primal and Daredevil. Which sub is the best for my purpose in the whole catalog?


@Warson, there is an answer, but you have to give more information by answering this which one is more important to you: seducing women, getting a social circle of cool people, or making money?


Making money, obviously.


Obviously not Daredevil then. Look up Emperor.


It was not at all obvious.

Go with Emperor. It will fulfill your needs.


Emperor+Daredevil isn’t it too dense?


Just Emperor. No Daredevil.


Only Emperor. Nothing else.

You can add The Legacy supercharger as well. It boosts that attitude.


Agreed, Emperor is traditionally the sub with least f*cks included. :slight_smile:


Kudos to all for your inputs


That’s funny :rofl:


I think Emperor with Legacy and Libertine is all you need


Why Libertine? All he wants is money + no fucks given.


He was looking at primal which is a seduction sub. I think libertine could balance what he is looking for with emperor


I asked him and he said he is obviously about his money money.

So he needs no distraction. His pockets are empty, and his dick isn’t horny, so it’s obvious he wants to build wealth first and foremost :wink:


I highly recommend Emperor as well. I debated adding Rebirth but that seems to trigger anxiety


Basically I just want the carefree attitude, and I would work for everything else by myself


Can I use ultrasonic subs on my phone? I checked with frequency app, it didn’t show much change in sound intensity near the 17-18k region, I think phone speakers aren’t very loud.
Does anyone else listen to ultras on phone?


Lots of people do. But you should definitely see something.


@Warson try playing an audio that you can hear then open up the frequensee app and see if the audio stops playing. If it does stop then try it with a different audio player app. If that’s not the case then maybe your mic isn’t picking up on higher frequencies or your speaker isn’t transmitting that high of frequencies.

You can also use another phone with the app to see if that will pick up the frequencies. So long as you have WiFi the phone shouldn’t need any service to download the app onto it.