New to SubClub - few questions


Hi guys, I’m over from the other place. Been listening to Emperor for about one week and added in Ultimate Artist about 4 days ago. I’m surprised at how effective these have been, particularly Emperor. Few queries if you don’t mind:

-Am I okay to expose my girlfriend to Emperor? What effect will it have on her, or has it been designed to only effect men?

-I’m listening to Emperor - Ultimate Artist - Emperor - Ultimate Artist etc. on repeat. Is this the best way, or is it better to do multiple loops of Emperor in a row and then multiple loops of Ultimate Artist in a row.

-I haven’t had a break yet, but last 3 days been exhausted and unable to sleep, ever since I added Ultimate Artist pretty much. Do you think I should take a break, or is this resistance and I should just keep pushing forwards? Or could it be that the combo of Emperor and Ultimate Artist is too much at once?

-Is there a full module list for Ultimate Artist?

Thank you, excited to see how your subs develop.


Had to drop Ultimate Artist in the end. Life just got too unsustainable, too tiring. It seems a bit better since swapping to just Emperor but still difficult to sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to add it back into the rotation eventually.

I’m listening between 6-9am (3 hours) and 5-10pm (5 hours) so 8 hours total per day. Is this overkill or is it resistance that’s stopping me from being able to sleep properly?


How did life get unsustainable? You say it got too tiring and yet you appear to have difficulty sleeping. I’m deducing that your mind is too busy to fall asleep and also too busy to do much of anything else either?

Many people listen to it 10+ hours a day. I myself can hit near 24 on headphones, although I do get an urge to take them off and spend time in complete silence every day, which may be my subconscious telling me to give it a bit of a break.

You’ll need to calibrate yourself. Start out where it feels comfortable and build up from there. Depending on how alien the suggestions are to your subconscious, it may need to do more or less work on them and thus needs more or less alone-time.

Emperor and Ultimate Artist are both major programs, so there’s a lot of content there. Be mindful when you stack major programs.

Still, I believe @SaintSovereign did run the same combination of Emperor and UA for a time (his Quantum Limitless journal mentions it), and he runs ultrasonics on his mobile device, so his girlfriend must have been exposed. He can probably answer your questions best when he’s recovered from his vacay.


@DarkPhilosopher ur profile is hidden, is there any way I can pm u


Sorry, I’m in IT, the first thing I do is set all privacy settings to max. :slight_smile:
I didn’t think it mattered, since I’ve been PM’ing with people. I believe I’ve set it to public now.