New Support Article: Is Subliminal Audio Addictive? Our Thoughts

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While the subs themselves are not addictive the low points of life could make you want to run them more often as said in the article.

But, if your life’s running low on that steady stream of positivity and you find yourself emotionally hungry for something, anything, to fill that emotional void

That happens to me on LBfH.

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Success is extremely addictive, to be honest, it’s way better at the top


I mean success is addictive. Getting what you want out of life is addictive. Controlling your own destiny is addictive. Being able to manipulate the world around you is addictive.

The subs themselves? Nope, in fact some push you away if you are unaligned.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In some way it is valid because everyone wants change to make life better. It can be said, addictive to that thing because we are desperate for a need. But it could also be a misnomer, its one sided.

You don’t realize how beautiful and magical this world is until you start seeing it from a different perspective.

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@SaintSovereign Thanks for the article!
Are there any news for the masterclass?


This section of the article made alot of sense

But, if your life’s running low on that steady stream of positivity and you find yourself emotionally hungry for something, anything, to fill that emotional void – kinda like reaching for a bag of chips or getting sucked into a video game playing marathon, or even binging pornographic material – that’s when the line can get blurry. Some might be tempted to use subliminal audios as an emotional pick-me-up.

During a challenging period characterized by several circumstances, I found myself caught in a series of unfortunate events that led to a profound sense of negativity and depression. In an attempt to overcome this state of mind and alleviate the accompanying depression, I decided to actively listen to one of the majors to fill the void. However it just exacerbated the situation so I took a break for a week to get back on my feet.

I am back on my feet now and begun my subliminal journey again.


Yes, for example, I tell people that I’m “addicted” to meditation and energy cultivation now. It’s changing my life for the better. But the “addiction” is to the fact that everyone around me is benefiting from an improved mindset and I enjoy seeing that play out, as I like to see people happy. The meditation itself is NOT addictive, though it can cause some extremely blissful physical sensations. What do my advisors say? Focus not on the physical pleasure and remain focused on the breath.

If I don’t do this, then I chase the physical pleasure and become addicted to it, is it fair to blame the meditative method, or the practitioner?

This is the point we’re making: An individual’s response to a subliminal is just that – their individual response. Many people feel nothing while running titles. Personally, I start to feel very “driven,” but it’s not really “pleasurable,” since I will then proceed to overwork myself. But that’s not the sub. I overwork myself even when I’m NOT on a title.


This is perfectly true to most people, I will not lie on it.

I wanted to have this big, right now right away. And then when I could not have it (most likely when not following instruction, like me), we start blaming people for not getting the result we want.

I have my doubts when starting my journey, but everything change after I took that step running the titles. So I could find a better word to thank you.