New Support Article: How To Make Subliminals Work Faster

Read it here: How To Make Subliminals Work Faster


Awesome read :+1:t3: I learned something new with the part detailing how to identify blockages.


Thank you for that information

About the journaling part:

Writing by hand will be more effective as it activates more of your brain at the same time than typing on computer.

Don’t overthink things. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to journal. There’s no “correct” length either. Simply sit down, write and stop whenever you’re ready. If you need help getting started, simply write down “I am,” then write down how you feel and talk about why. Then, write “I am not,” and write about something you’re not happy with and why.

Listening to SubClub titles has changed my internal dialogue.

I correct myself every time I notice I’m thinking: “I’m lazy”.

No I’m not. I’m just feeling lazy.

These little things matter.

My problem is that I’m feeling lazy about 99% of the time :smile: .

Maybe some day I can fix that.