New Support Article: How Does Zero Point “Push Reality Through the User?”

I originally posted this as a response on the WANTED thread, then realized it could explain / answer questions that others may have.

Read it here: How Does Zero Point "Push Reality Through the User?" - Subliminal Club Support Hub


Thanks, very clearly explained.


Definitely my favorite support article so far.
I feel that with ZP what we are experiencing is a subconscious glitch in our internal matrix
Something we thought was us or felt we wanted isn’t true any longer.
That’s ok. It means your priorities are changing to reflect who or what you really are


great and interesting article! makes me appreciate ZP and SC even more!


Brilliant, like JCast, this is also my favorite support article.


After experiencing my first rest day on ZP today and reading this support article, I finally understand the essence of ZP, and that is Truth. Truth and honesty about who you truly are and building the true you in an organic and rewarding way. I truly get it! This is phenomenal and tremendous work you guys have put together!!


Thank you very much for this

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Love the article. “The Chosen” was wonderful, but maybe I prefer not to be a genius (Limitless):

If you are running WANTED, but deep down inside, you really just want the perfect mate – a soulmate – you won’t respond like someone who wants to explore and push their sexuality to the extreme.

But maybe I have to give it some time. I feel like its better to be loved than to be envied for your intelligence. But that’s just a limiting belief. I can be highly intelligent and be liked. It’s not like in the old school nerd story. Many people admire smart people. And there are people out there who are smart themselves and have a good heart.

(Just speaking to me to clear things up, business as usual with ZP).

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Similar to this, we need a support hub article for Paragon.

We often get questions on whether Paragon can heal one or the other health issue and while the sales page is clear on this, it would be useful to have a support hub link we can post if anyone asks whether Paragon can heal tinnitus or back pain or fever or cancer etc.

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This is beautiful :clap:

Will SC ever publish a book or start a public research institute (if you haven’t already) on this kind of things?


Amazing article and explains it in a good way :pray:

Or rather to just, Being Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It will relentlessly ask you if what you say you want is REALLY what you want.

Oh boy did I feel that on ZP.
Constantly re-evaluating everything I do. Sometimes it’s just “yes I want that” but it still asks first, if it’s truly me.

Just today had another such occurrence in my reality where I became clear of what I want and need.

Great, deep, article! Love it!

Also, the Matrix reference is always welcome!


I noticed this on Wednesday evening when teaching my class and was something I wrote about in my journal too.


Research institutes attract corporate interests, governments and other unsavory elements. We’ll remain privately funded by our customers, who we treat as stakeholders.

We would work with a small group of investors, however, as long as our vision isn’t curtailed.


Wait, so, reading that, I don’t really quite understand.

I get the “discovering your most authentic self” part, I agree with its importance.

But “force reality to bend to your will” type subliminals just sound more powerful or something – so if we discover our most authentic selves and which subliminal would best gel with that, wouldn’t it make more sense to resume that but in Qv2? (I just don’t see the point you tried to make in the article as to how “pushing reality through you” is superior to “bending reality”)

Maybe I just need reassurance at the fact that Khan in QZP would be just as powerful as it is in Qv1/Qv2. Or if it doesn’t mean giving away trade secrets do tell us the contrasts.

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You can test it and see for yourself when it comes out. :wink:


Reeeeeee, Saint, with the cryptic responses.

It’s not cryptic, it’s the correct answer. There isn’t anything I can say or elaborate on that will answer your question in a way that you’d find suitable. The only thing that will convince you is direct experience.


If you say so -.-