New Support Article: Does a Certain Q (or Ultima) Core Contain a Specific Module?

Read it here: Does a Certain Q (or Ultima) Core Contain a Specific Module?


Just to clarify with another example: suppose I make a custom with Renaissance Man Q Core and Ultimate Writer in it. Later I would also like to learn coding but don’t want to update my custom with Index Gate yet. So will my original custom help me with coding because it has RM in it (but not as effective as my writing in comparison to coding)?

It CAN help, but you’d get better results by adding Index Gate (if you believe that will help you with coding) to a new custom.

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I’m confused. All we’re saying is that you should stop worrying about the submodules within a CORE because they don’t work the way you think. If you’re building a custom, and you want Ascension in it, for example, ADD ASCENSION. Don’t ponder about whether it’s a submodule within a core. You’ll mess your custom up that way, and we’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for quite some time now.

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So basically each module in a custom should be considered as an independent module, regardless if it has submodules or not. submodules in a core should be ignored when building a custom.


Yes, exactly.


now it all makes sense… thank you @SaintSovereign