New Subliminal Experience in New Emperor


I see that there are New Experience modules for Learning, Wealth, and Romance in the Q Store for the new pack. New Emperor has the New Subliminal Experience, but I don’t see that in the Q Store from the new module pack.

Does the NSE encompass the NLE, NWE, and NRE? Are all three in the New Emperor? Thanks.

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Yes here too.

This is new tech so more information on this will be forthcoming as time goes on. As in information on the support hub and masterclass.

So for right now, think of these N_E Cores as modules that elevates the whole custom rather than being limited to the Core you have for eg - Emperor Core.

This has something to do with the new way of scripting.

Even I am not fully clear on the matter, I will admit. But this is as far as I know at the moment.


Please read @Malkuth 's post. He makes very good points here:

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