New Stack: Power Can Corrupt/Daredevil


Started a new stack last night after running Emperor for the last couple months. Over that span of time the biggest change I noticed is a bigger emphasis on finance and achievement and less focus on chasing girls, however I found myself also growing more distant from my friends and family, less present and more in my head and over all enjoying life much less than I did when I was running my seduction stack. Decided to purchase Power can Corrupt because while I do consider my self very extroverted and likeable , I have always been more passive in social situations, and let other people lead. I am hoping with that stack and concentrated effort taking I can really start to be seen, and see my self as a leader, and dominate social situations instead of letting others take the lead. I’m running 3X Daredevil and 3Xpower can corrupt to really try and see the results of a pure social stack, I will probably go back to emperor eventually but I felt I would see quicker results this way as emperor is such a broad sub.

So I ran this stack for the first time last night and got about 12 hours run time. Had some pretty interesting dreams. I dreamed about a recent trip I took with a buddy who is probably one of the most charismatic and socially dominate people I know. I thought about different things he did to make him socially successful and some of the laws just popped into my head (granted I’ve read the book before but I just knew which ones were being implemented in certain scenarios. Also had a much more relaxed day at work than I have lately, felt a lot more relaxed and genuinely enjoyed conversing with my customers.


Finally a journal with power. What you expect from this sub specifically?


Seems like a very nice combo!


At last someone documenting their journey using Power Can Corrupt.


How is it going for you?


Yes, please update. Very interested in this combo.