New stack emperor q primal q and regeneration q


Current setup 6 loops emperor
4 primal
3 regeneneration

Been using this last couple of days,to early to report on emperor and primal other than i feel horny as hell all the time, primal is a beast.

What i want to say is regeneration is the shit, been listening last couple of nights, i have ocd about this event that happened to me about 6 months ago which brings up extreme anger. Its been getting worse last few weeks where i spend have the day thinking about this situation, like intrusive thoughts syndrome

Being at home and alone doesn’t help either but today i was thinking of the event and at least 80% of the emotion was gone i was still thinking of the event but it did not seem to trigger me.

I have used regeneration in the past and i think it is really underrated, everyone wants the best next thing but i feel this is a hidden treasure which people should add to their stack


Will be running regeneration with Khan tb1 at 3 loops each from tonight for healing. Is anyone else running this and is it working for you. I know their goals are quite different in healing so not sure if it will work, i am just trying different methods


See i was wondering if running khan st1 and regeneration would be good together or not but no answers so far lol