New Q for the win


This new Journal will document results of trying out different listening patterns of Q.

Currently my possible exposure time is limited from 8pm at night to 3am in the morning!

My Preferred Stack is:
Stark Q and QL Q

but i am trying to manage a charter flight to go back home. that can happen anyday.

So, until i go home,

I am replacing Stark Q with Aegis Q, Plus GLM Q

Day 1 will start tonight, 1st of May 2020


Good luck!

I’m loving StarkQ. Jury’s still out on how QL is affecting me but I have high hopes for it. It seems like a sub that can improve every other aspect of life.

I tried listening to the subs while sleeping and found it way too disruptive to my sleep. Besides not ever feeling like I’d every actually gotten to sleep, when I “woke”, I was worthless.

I tried ultrasonics over a speaker and also masked with ear buds. I even bought a sleep mask with built in ear phones for a more comfortable listen. Didn’t work well for me, so I now limit my listening during the day and use the night for recovery and subconscious integration.


That’s an amazing strategy! And I would personally love to do that too!

But unfortunately, I don’t have any time to listen to subs during the day. :frowning: