New or old tinnitus?


Hello everybody,

I’m new to SC, and have only downloaded the free Ascension lite track to test before purchasing anything.

The whole thing about being careful with hypersonic tracks made me paranoid. Now when i’m in complete silence, I hear a very very mild ringing, but it’s there.

Am I noticing it now because i’m focusing on it? Or could two days of 7+ hours of AL cause it?

Frequensee did not detect any volume higher that -40db in the two days that I’ve used it.

Thank you!


A few days of ultrasonic isn’t enough to cause tinnitus. Although, if the situation worsens, cease use immediately.


Thank you

So I don’t start another thread, I had a question regarding masked version of programs.

Is there any caution as to the maximum level of sound like the regular tracks? How do we figure out what’s a good volume level?

I know these are basic questions, but I have looked over the forums and couldn’t find anything.

Thank you


You can listen to masked the same way you listen to any audio track. Listen to it at a moderate level.


As long as you can hear it… it should be working