New listening pattern Query


I know that for older titles ( 1Q = 6 old loops)
Newer titles (1Q = 3 old loops)

but @SaintSovereign, please share the new listening pattern recommendations.

And also,

New stacking advice with Q.


Intently looking forward to these recommendations myself as they seem to upend the fundamental structure of listening to subliminals!


There are no recommendations as of yet. You’ll have to experiment with your stack. You know that Q-powered subs are significantly more powerful, so start by taking your current stack and scaling it back a bit. Once we get more data, we’ll be able to make an official recommendation.


I will do the oppsoite of that. I was scaling up the loops in the last days and had some very powerful breakthroughs. I will experiment more and of course report back


Yes, please do. We’re trying to finalize Q’s different power levels and this will be invaluable.


Just a confirmation to check if my understanding is correct. so that i don’t risk getting under exposure.

Previously reccomended exposure for each title per day was 6 hours = 8loops

now 1 loop of an OG Q(ie. Mogul Q)= 6 old loops,
so, 2 loops of Mogul Q in a day should be sufficient ( equivalent to 12 old loops = 9+ hours
(does this extend to all single stage major programs? ie. Stark Q, Aegis)

now 1 loop of multistage (ie. QL Q)= 3 old loops
therefore, 3 loops of QL Q should be sufficient (equivalent to 9 Old loops= 6+ hours)

Assuming prvious 6 hours equivalent is still the reccomendation

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong?



Theoretically, yes. Remember, there’s really no way of us knowing at this point. The calculations I gave are correct, but we don’t know exactly how the subconscious will respond to that level of power.


We will exeriment as you have suggested. However, I just need to be sure that there won’t be underexposure from this pattern. I don’t mind dealing with and reporting the effects of over exposure.


At this level of power, you wouldn’t get underexposure with even one loop. Like I said, that’s all I can take of Blue Skies right now.


Have you tried to run Blue Skies for 6-8 loops +?


Hell no. Three loops one time. Enjoyed those three days of headaches.