Needing some stack advice for healing but also productivity, drive, and ambition at the same time


For the major programs i own ascension, primal, khan and emperor.
I been using khan st1 since oct 9 and i want it apart of my stack for a little more longer maybe a month ? Maybe 2 more ? At the same time i dont want to feel like crap and depressed all the time. I want to be full of drive and ambition to pursue goals like make money, find another job, learn new skills etc
How do i go about obtaining these 2 goals ? Getting healed and removing limiting beliefs but at the same time have drive and ambition to go after it in life ?
Open to any suggestions


My suggestion would be to stack ST1 with either ST3 or Emperor


Why not add Limit Destroyer and Regeneration? Maybe add in rebirth or Elixir too? At least for healing and removing limiting belief.


Would there be a issue if i stacked st1 + st3 + emperor?


So how maybee emperor + st3 + rebirth or limit destroyer?
I was thinking since i have khan stage 1 total breakdown it would heal me and remove those limiting beliefs so i wouldn’t need rebirth etc


The issue with stacking two stages with Emperor is that each of the stages & Emperor are all very dense subliminals. It might be too much all at once. That said, there are other users who’ve stacked different multi stage programs together and gotten, from what I can remember, positive results. The wide recommendation is that you try and keep it as bare bones as possible, understanding that the more you stack on the harder it might be for your subconscious to process everything. My top recommendation is to stack ST1 + ST3. When I started Khan that is how I ran it and got very good results before I switched to Ecstasy of Gold. My second recommendation would be ST1 + Emperor since Emperor is a lot more ambition/work focused. My third recommendation would be all 3 but that, to me, is the worst option in terms of efficacy in the short term (long term you would probably get great results but you would be waiting awhile to start seeing real change).

I don’t have any experience with any of the other healing programs (Regeneration/Rebirth/Elixir/Limit Destroyer) so I can’t speak to that. My understanding is that ST1 is a healing stage itself so those other healing programs become redundant (or an extra boost depending on how much healing you want/need) when you add them on.


Excellent advice that has me thinking now. Emperor plus st1 is great so is st1 plus st3.
I could also take out st1 and stack those 2 alone with something like rebirth. I understand overload is a real thing though. Ive seen old posts of people stacking 5 plus major programs.


My advice would be to not think too hard on it, you’ll end up thinking yourself in circles. Trust your instincts, choose something, then stick to it for a month while journaling your results. The most important thing is to stick to the regiment you choose. A major problem people encounter is that they don’t stay the course long enough to actually achieve/witness the results they’re seeking. They will add/subtract/swap subliminals after just a few days or weeks without giving appropriate time to them


This is me in a nutshell. Overthinking and switching and swapping etc


It’s fairly common. People are unsure, they don’t take enough action, they don’t see results quick enough, etc. so they switch in and out of various subliminals trying to find that instant gratification. You can thank the world of fast food and digital immediacy for that mentality :wink: To that effect, my suggestion stands. Pick one plan and stick to it. Also don’t expect any magic to happen on its own. You still need to take action for anything to really happen. The more action you take, the more dramatic your results should be.


@Grimm1390 You’ve been switching your stack quite a bit recently, which suggests that facing the darker aspects of life is a problem.

Sure we could give you advice on what sub will help you avoid feeling bad, however you’re not letting ST1 do its thing.

One week more. On its own. Let the sadness teach you about what you actually want in life. Face the beast. Be brave.


@Grimm1390 - @Michel and @Neurokinetic had given some excellent advice. I would add that you be easy on yourselves while doing ST1 (and even ST2). The whole time that I run these stages, I do try to take action but when I mess up, I just give myself the excuse “hey, am playing ST1/ST2 so I won’t be too hard on myself”. This made it easier for me to go through these stages and not feel like I am messing up day to day even though I was :grin:


This analogy is adapted from a book I read recently: think of yourself as a guided missile. As you move forward you might veer a little of course. When this happens your sensors pick up on negative feedback and autocorrect. Then you veer too far to the other side, again you autocorrect. Until finally you reach your destination. Subliminals are like super programming that help you correct faster and give you an engine boost. BUT no corrections can occur unless you are moving toward your target, because your internal programming doesn’t know how/what to correct. Moving forward with consistency is the key.


Bob Proctor and Cybernetics for the win :point_right:


Just finished reading Psycho-Cybernetics and it changed my perspective on SO much