Need only one aspect of a subliminal


Okay, when I was browsing through the catalog of subclub, something caught my eye.
In Primal seduction (and S&S) I noticed it was mentioned that those subliminals can make betterments in looks.

  1. How is that possible?
  2. Did that really work on anyone of you?
  3. What if I just need this one aspect out of these subliminals, is that possible?
  4. Can I increase its effect to greater extent?


It can manifest in many different ways. Easiest path to manifestation? You’ll take a sudden interest in fashion and grooming, enhance your wardrobe, etc. Maybe a particular outfit will catch your eye, or you’ll buy a new cologne that matches you personally.

Some people get a boost on self perception, and the act of having high confidence makes you more attractive by default.

Don’t expect a magical change overnight — it’ll be a slower, more organic process.


Okay, I was thinking something more exciting like change in physical body.
And I do know that subliminals take time to show their effects.
I do not want the better looks part to “attract” someone, but to start an alternate career as an actor.
Also, it would be helpful if you answer 3 & 4 questions


There are reports of people feeling all kinds of physical sensations when listening to subliminals. From tingling to bones cracking. I myself felt my mandible cracks and / or move while I was listening to a subliminal once. SubClub doesn’t have anything specifically targeting facial changes but the sub I used was. You may want to look into something similar given your goal.


@SaintSovereign you didn’t clear my main query, is there a way to get result of only a particular module of subliminal?


Not that I know of. Consciously focusing on the aspect you want may help, as it will unify both the conscious and subconscious minds. But, you’ll still be affected by the other modules. You could order a custom sub to target just that one issue.