Need comments from you guys


Hi guys,

After trying stacking some modules, I finally decide to use the following stack. My target is to improve my finance situation (hope to move to a new company with better salary and earn from a second work) and improve my sex life and masculinity. Can you guys give comments on my stacks, thank you.
My stack is below:

Limit destroyer
Mogul x3
Limit destroyer
Sex mastery x 3
Godlike Masculinity
I listen to masked audios at night with headphones and listen to ultrasonic via speaker of my Oneplus 5T.


I don’t know if Godlike Masculinity makes much sense in this stack, since it is a stack module and would be best run with emperor or ascension to boost the masculine qualities of these subs.

And if your focus is on making money, I would increase the loops of Mogul, and/or maybe switch it to Ascended Mogul in order to target all the areas you mentioned above.


Thank you @gwared, but I read in this forum and some guys said that AM takes more time to get results?


How much in a hurry are you? It took about 2-3 weeks of being consistent for me.


I wish to get result within 1 month. One more problem is I am not sure whether speaker of my phone is lound enough. This is the result when I run at the max volume. @sidneyficance

can you give me your opinion? Thank you


I think that running sub more than -50 dB can harm your ears. The pic show that you are running -40 dB. I would decrease to -50, -60 dB to ensure ears health remain intact.


Tks @Dmitry, since I put my phone on the table within my arm length and I don’t hear any clear sound, so I thought I should run subs at max volume to maximize the effect. But as per your suggestion, I will lower volume to -50 or -60 db. Thanks again


Maybe get a Bluetooth speaker and run that at night?


sh!t… I’ve been running it at -40db all this time!!!


i spend all night in masked subs, and as per instruction, I should use headphones instead of speaker. On the other hands, sone guys say that bluetooth may degrade subs.:joy: that’s why I am hesitating to buy a bluetooth speaker


Haha the masked interferes with my sleep :stuck_out_tongue:
I been doing it with bluetooth speakers and it seems to be working. I find not trying to overcomplicate it and just taking the time to write down what you want to hammer out and being clear how you want to get there helps. The subs will do the rest :slight_smile:


From what I’ve read from the instruction manual given, it seems to be anything higher than -20 dB that can hurt your ears.

Here’s what you need to know about ultrasonic programs: even though you can’t hear
them, they’re actually very, very LOUD. Regardless, they’re generally safe if you listen
to them at a reasonable volume level. While listening on speakers, use Frequensee to
determine the decibel level (db, left side). Make sure to never play an ultrasonic
program over -20 db.

Even Saint uses at about -50dB, Frequensee app how to measure?

So @Sirchiropractixalot and @Limitless you guys should be fine.


Good to know, thanks!