Need advice on a topic of interest


Which subliminal would you recommend if I were to make my own cult?


:joy:…dream on…loool


Thanks for your utterly useless input.


Congratulations, you have now joined very illustrious company, the people that manage to turn me speechless…

Have you tried asking the Vatican? :slight_smile:

I apologize, everybody, I mean no offense, I’m just not entirely certain if Thor is serious. Which makes me even less serious than usual.

If you are serious, Khan is your closest bet if you set your goals that way, although it might make Saint regret the self-guiding principle of the subs. It probably isn’t the intended usage of the program.

You know, just being a polyamorous man is perfectly possible without starting a cult. If you are serious, may I ask why you are motivated to start one?


I don’t think anyone would give you such “subliminal”.
If you’re really serious, the best bet you have is to pave your own way to whatever you wish to be.
And you aren’t the first to start a “cult”, nor will you be the last.
Remember that


You have to understand that society has been brought up believing that the word cult is a very bad thing, much like occult. Neither actually is. Technically, a cult is just an unorthodox religious group. What made it negative for society is that in most cases the cult leader has an unhealthy amount of control over their followers.

Which is why I’m asking for your motivation, so I can figure out how you interpret the word.


Don’t reply if you can’t give me an answer, there are many people already to limit me even before I begin.


@Victor I get every single word you wrote. Thanks.


Uh. No. Our titles won’t be used to do such a thing. If by “cult,” you mean something like Tony Robbins, which isn’t a cult, but just a very charismatic individual with a lot of followers, we can talk. Otherwise, no recommendations will be given.


Emperor could help to draw people too you.


I already got the best possible answer from @Victor.


Thank you for asking the "stupid question of the day "


Yes, this dude @Thor PMed me some days ago that he has a method to manipulate women.

I said: No.

And it’s funny, he couldn’t manipulate me, so obviously his method doesn’t work :wink:


Aight, ya’ll.

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