Name embedded custom query (Solved)

Did anyone send a recording of their name pronounciation for the name embedded custom?

I actually just thought about doing that

@mecharc Yes, I did.

Bro, what’s the procedure?

I recorded myself pronouncing my name and uploaded the recording to my mega drive account. From there I got a sharing link .
And while placing the order I mentioned about that and pasted link in the comments section on the checkout page.

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The procedure is mentioned in the FAQ section of Q store.

Thanks bro!

btw. What did u finally order?

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Male Enhancement
Khan ST4 Q Core
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Facial Morphing
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
StarkQ Core
Productivity Unleashed
Ascension Q Core
Stop Porn and Masturbation

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nice!! looking forward to your journey. do you plan to regularly update?

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For anyone with the Same Query.

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@mecharc yes I will maintain a journal and I will try to update it regularly.

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@mecharc I’m also looking forward to your journey. Will you be stacking your custom?

Yepp. What about you?

Just finished creating a video how to pronounce my name, also included some bad examples.


Definitely get his book if you can! Mihaly’s that is.

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This reminds me of ACHmed the death terrorist

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@mecharc I’ll run it solo for I month then I’ll might stack it with Emperor Q.


This doesn’t give any clear sanket as to what you’re aiming at becoming.


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@Simon :grinning::grinning: I want to get the best of all.:wink::wink:.
By the way how do you know the meaning of my name?

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:wink: :wink: