Name Embed Upgrade to Sub Titles We Already Own?


So, just curious, and maybe this was addressed somewhere else that my search did not find, but when the name embed option becomes available will one be able to upgrade already owned titles to name embedded for a fee?


@dorfmeister - that would still be a Custom subliminal. Even the previous Custom subs were name embedded versions of subs that were already there in the SubClub store regardless of whether you bought the subliminal or not.

I remember SaintSovereign saying that it would be cheaper to add your name with Q since he and Fire got the aid of the Q Computer to make the name embedded subliminal, and that would make the creation of it significantly cheaper.

So it’s a yes to your question. Have to wait a bit for it though.


I guess I was thinking the upcoming name embed option was going to end up being somewhat cheaper than a full blown custom, so maybe “Q” eventually makes that possible?


@dorfmeister - I think you feel that a custom sub has new things in it that subs that are already made in the SubClub store doesn’t have.

I had asked SaintSovereign this a long time back (before Q) and he told me that Custom subs at that time was not much different than name embedded versions of subs that were already in the SubClub store.

This could change but I doubt it. Prices though will definitely be cheaper with Custom Q subs.


I had the idea that name embedding was soon going to be an important aspect of “Q” and what was coming in the future, but from your way of talking about it I guess not. You are essentially saying It is already available.

I have not heard much about people getting name embedded subs, though, to be honest, there are a lot of threads on here I have never read.


@dorfmeister - best thing to do regarding this is to wait for Q Modules to be released. I think we will know more about name embedding in Q after that.


The last thing i read was the delay because of the piracy crap. I’m also looking forward to the name embed.


I had been thinking I’d wait on the new name embed to buy any new subs, especially if the many subs I already have would need to be a complete repurchase to get them name embedded.

Like I wasn’t going to buy Stark until I could get it name embedded.


I hear you. I wanted to wait too but was hasty to get stark so i did. Wonder how much more it will cost to upgrade it when time comes. Any hoot I’m liking this sub.


Yeah, for me Stark is the most appealing of the more comprehensive alpha titles. I like its focus on creativity, genius, irreverence and charm appealing. I find the specific model of Tony Stark far more compelling than the more general models provided by Emperor or Khan.

But I have put off buying it waiting for some of the new innovations to shake out and become a reality.

I’d really like to do the name embedding with some titles, but only if I feel it is affordable.