Mystery's Elite + Primal Seduction Journey

Last week i created a custom focusing on the **Ascension ** and Inner circle cores

I named the custom ELITE

The modules i added are:

Alpha of Alpha

Auric Overdriver

Call of honor


Divine self image

Dragon Tongue



Furious Ascent

Growth through Pain

Inner voice

Intensity Aura

Invincible Presence

Lifeblood Fable

Lion IV

Power Unleashed



I’m hoping to accomplish maximizing the potential of Ascension and Inner circle with this custom.

The custom i will be stacking with Primal Seduction to work on everything related with women.

I began the journey on Saturday:

Saturday: 1 loop of Elite + 1 loop Primal Seduction

Sunday: 1 loop Elite

Today: 1 loop Elite + 1 loop PS

Today was an out of the ordinary day for me. I woke up feeling very refreshed and had a pep to my step to begin my day. When i got to work i noticed there were a bunch of new faces when i arrived which is weird considering the timing this manifestation occurred like 2 days after listening to my custom. Only 1 was a female but i couldn’t tell if it was someone that already worked there and just got a little more ready today.

I was going to say hello but something made me refuse. I need this issue to seriously heal already . other thing i noticed which is hard to explain but i could literally feel and see my reality bending in front of me. Not to the extreme like magic mushrooms do but much lighter.

This reality bending reminds me of the time i had mushrooms with one of my buddies at a park and him and i were pretty bored because the park was pretty isolated and i remember turning over to him to tell him “it’d be nice if a bunch of women just came out of nowhere” and he was like “yeah for real”

2 minutes later an army of asian women arrived at the park and him and i couldn’t believe what we had seen. We were regulars at the park for years and never did we see these people it was always the usual people.

Felt like sharing that because today i feel on a more grounded level that something similar is brewing in my reality.

Could be yggdrasil and inner circle causing this.

Ill update more later :blush:


Your custom looks good.

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All the best for your journey. Another Seducer in the making.

The guys called ‘Mystery’ were always good with women :grin:


That looks powerful

You got the fearsome fenrir Combo and that excites me, good luck


Thanks alot man i sure hope that ends up being the case. As a matter of fact very soon ill be doing my 1000 approaches aswell although given my circumstances its going to take me a whole lot longer than what it took you. Hopefully i can live up to the name😉

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This combo seems to already be taking effect. I can tell my presence is giving some people mini anxiety attacks when i walk past them :astonished:

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September 28:

Ran PSITU and didnt really experience any changes at this point im pretty disappointed with the ultimas claiming aura enhancing but nonetheless ill keep running them when needed.

September 29:

Im noticing that my anxiety has been very low lately. Im having more calmness in my day to day. Its almost like im carrying a vibe that others need to live up to my expectations and not the other way around like it had been before.

Had Recon today in the form of ego inflation😒

@Yazooneh i need your opinion on how im going about this… So my biggest issue with women is i tend to have this avoidance behavior with them, anger at them for my lack of success, and being fazed when one gives me unfavorable looks. Are these 3 things that PS will clear up with time or do i need to drop PS(although i dont want to)

Back to the journal… Overall im noticing im having a more fearsome vibe thats making others for the most part respect me.

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They are things that PS clears with time

Understand that learning game takes time and you might spend a year reforming your entire belief set into one of a powerful player when in the start you imagined the change to be very simple and straight forward such as :

Oh I just need to drop my resting face

Oh I just need to be a bit more playful

Oh I need to go for the close

It’s way more than that and your program is perfect for that

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Also stop using ultimas thinking they’re steroids, they’ll put you into the zone but your inner development comes with Q and that is what will dictate how profound the ultima effects are


Wow , its a pleasure to have someone from SC in Player’s Journey .

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself . Aim for 20 -30 Approaches / week . ( This is what I aim for , find your own sweetspot)

It’s going to be one of your toughest journey in your life. But IMO every man should go through this.
But don’t worry , we have our backs in the form of SC’s Subs .

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Awesome man, thats the answer i felt you were going to give and I’m glad i came to you to clear that up. Sounds like i have a long journey ahead still

I knew this much already my problem with them is that when i ran them before when i feel my inner development was much less developed they worked fantastically but now that i feel i carry more growth since the last time i ran them they either make me feel worse or do absolutely nothing for me. :thinking:

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You were a noob
Give a noob libertine before he goes out and he’s going to act like casanova on virtue of his noobiness

But as you develop on Q you’re going to go through that phase where you go from noob to wise and that in itself is going to be your journey

So yes as you’ve opened your eyes to what actually needs to be done in the future to be a great player you’re going to feel a new weight on your shoulders you didn’t feel as a noob and that’s fine cuz when you come out the other side the ultimas will go from feeling good to actually getting you effortlessly laid

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The pleasure is all mine from what i have read from your journal you are for sure heading up there to elite seduction level i just wish i had atleast half the courage you do to take the aggressive action thats needed.

I agree this is a journey every man needs to embark on. Ill be following your journal for sure not only to witness your inevitable growth but to also learn some things i may not be seeing at the moment.

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October 1st:

Rest day no loops

I forgot to mention in the first entry that i have been running PS for 3 months and the same goes for Ascension only now I’m running a custom.

Also towards the end of August i have been smoking weed daily and this is where i feel Ascension has really shown me its working In me. Before i ever decided to run subs whenever i smoked weed i would have negative thoughts and feelings towards my self. My inner voice would become very defeating. Since i began Ascension i have been noticing when i do smoke that my inner voice has changed into an empowering ally which pretty much gives me all the assurance that these subs are truly benefiting me.

When i arrived home from work at 5:00 Am and upon walking up to my porch the neighbors cat runs full speed towards me and becomes very attached and started following me while i was trying to flee from it. This was very random to me and im sure it was nothing but still felt like reporting. It ended up chilling in the porch and when the others woke up to go to work they came across it in the porch and the cat pretty much reacted with the same attachment so i guess that was nothing special. Unless… Theres a saying i believe in mysticism that if a cat is trying to go to great lengths to enter your home that it has a mission to fulfill in there like absorbing negative energy and spirits but im gonna go ahead and say it just wanted shelter😅

Also one of my brothers in law has a daughter and she was dropped of by his baby momma’s mom. So this totally caught me by surprise because the woman wasnt necessarily a babe but she was attractive enough id say a 7.5 to 8 i couldnt really see her face because she had shades but body was on point. Anyways it baffles me that i can look pretty well put together for the most part around the house but on the day that i slip is when a woman literally falls on my doorstep :sweat_smile:

I could tell she saw how “bummy” i looked and probably did not feel attracted but the reason i bring it up is vecause i did not feel insecure about what i looked like nor did i act nervous i was pretty calm and poised so that right there is signs PS is causing a shift in my INTERNAL frame which i feel first needs to be addressed before i expect any external results specially from a woman that was decently attractive.


October 6th:
Elite: 1 loop
PS: 1 loop

Ive been feeling pretty tired these past couple of days normally when i get home i make my maca and cacao milkshake but i havent done one this week due to being tired from work nor have i played basketball in the backyard like i started to recently.

When i got to work i noticed that this one girl gave me prolonged eye contact and i knew she was looking to initiate eye contact and it wasnt a just happened to look thing. It was from one of the more attractive girls so that to me was not what i was expecting.

Im beginning to see i have a big problem with talking too much. I can become a chatty kathy when i start getting into a social mood but i know i need to balance that out with silence. This one dude thats an mma fighter came to me randomly to get my number because it was his last day at work which came as a surprise because i rarely talked to the guy but the whole time that we had a convo i did like 90% of the talking.

It could be inner circle beginning to take effect because i dont classify this guy as a lowly individual. I get a high achieving vibe from him and maybe he had picked up my Ascension vibe from me but maybe changed his mind when he saw how much i talked😅

Either way it shed light that i need to work on that.

I forgot to mention before i went off to work i ran into the baby momma of my brother in law and she also gave me prolonged eye contact but not the kind that seemed welcoming but i didnt think much of it because im used to her looking like that. My brother in law came driving by to talk to me and as soon as i started talking from the corner of my eye i could see she was curious about what i was saying.

The example above has shown me that she was interested she just hates to make it obvious. Either way PS or my custom is giving me a vibe that people are curious to know me .


I added True Social Ultima in the middle of October as a situational thing so I have only ran about 3 loops since then and I gotta say it is probably my favorite Ultima and I could definitely see how it can positively affect any stack that’s alpha based or seduction based. The moment I played it I noticed I got into a social mood fairly quickly and I maintained that state for a long time so that was interesting. Definitely will be running it on off days when I’m around people and on off days when I’m not around people I will run Limit Destroyer.

I’m going to pause running any sexual aura ultimas because they’re inconsistent with external results and actually cause me to doubt myself so I’m going to stop myself from running those.

I created a PS custom since I was away and I have to say ever since I created my custom I feel like results come at a quicker pace and smoothly. Reconciliation is almost nonexistent since I created Elite. Very interesting.

It amazes me that I handle the customs better than when I was running Ascension + PS at the same amount of loops. On top of that I feel like my mind can handle more loops than when I was running the normal titles which is weird because I thought my 20 module customs would be harder to run but it has been the opposite experience.

I am much more composed now when it comes to men and women and I notice that whenever I’m in situations where I interact with women I tend to vibe better with the more attractive ones and the lesser ones seem to give me a lot of resistance to the point where I feel like they’re being rude to me but like I said it doesn’t faze me as much anymore and I’m able to brush those vibes that feel like ego shots away like they tickle me and continue to feel strong internally.

So far I’m gonna go on a limb and say that once a member has experience with these subs under their belt and still aren’t getting as fast results as they hope to actually consider investing in customs because I feel not only is the name embedded very powerful but the results and smoothness of them are definitely enhanced.

I’ll most likely drop my PS and elite custom if PS And ascension Zp arrive to the scene but If not I plan on continuing these for the foreseeable future.

I had my quarterly meeting last week and the whole company gets together to discuss earnings and when it came down to asking questions. I could feel people were nervous to ask questions out of fear or nervousness but I felt little of that and I told myself to speak up and ask one just for the sake of the thrill and in my mind every time I take action on something that I fear I feel like I’m only going to get stronger coming out of it because I took a risk so I did that and the owner I could tell enjoyed my presence and picked up a solid vibe from me so that was neat.

Lately I’ve been looking into crypto and I fear that at one point I’m going to want to drop my stack to focus on money because a lot of times I focus more on that than on what I want from my stack

I live in the US and I’m pouring some money into Saitama Inu because I feel like it’s heading in the same level of growth that Shiba Inu has gone through recently.



One loop of Elite
One loop of PS Custom

Suffered from recon for some reason today which i suspect was from fatigue that led to me listening to elite while i sleep. I notice listening to subs before bed or while asleep really negatively affects my sleep so im going to stick to listening as soon as i wake up and throughout the day.

Had more anxiety today than i was getting used to and also had a racing mind that i couldnt calm down. I suspect i suffered from my first recon since beginning my customs journey.

Only thing that was noteworthy about today that i know for sure doesnt happen very often was that 2 times today i had 2 different women go out of their way to say hello to was the kind of hello where they were making the effort to get my attention just to greet me and one of them acted nervous when doing so like she was greeting someone important. No matter if theyre hot or not this sort of thing hasnt really happened to me so it must be because of the PS custom.
Which again im happy so far i poured in a considerable amount of money into these 2 customs. Difference between these and the normal sub club subs is night and day. I believe if youre looking to max out the growth you can achieve with a specific sub to go with the custom once youve been exposed to the sub you want to customize for atleast 3 months.


11/06/21 rest day .

1 loop True Social

Hey guys im back with another update and just like i said in a previous post that true social is very good,it yet again delivered last night. Normally when im going to parties i get very anxious and nervous and i was feeling that when i went to this one but i knew i needed to take action and once i did all anxiety evaporated.

I was pulling people into my frame easily and i could tell that the conversations would be directed by me at any moment i chose. Mind you this is not something im used to so im surprised i didn’t suffer recon or cognitive dissonance from this. Im used to having others lead the conversations and i just follow along but things now are different i do some of the leading now.

I’m not gonna go ahead and say that i was perfect in these social situations but i could tell there was a definite improvement from past events i just need to work on the substance of the things i talk about because at times i can say some cheesy and stupid things but I’m sure that’ll come along at some point in my journey.

Overall im going to be keeping True Social in my stack for social purposes because its to me the most game changing Ultima at my disposal.

At the party i could tell the Earthshaker-Sexuality module in my custom was taking effect because i could feel i had this aura to me that was composed and oozed sexiness and confidence.

I just realized i never revealed the modules in my PS custom so it’s time i revealed those to the custom i named Primal Seducer.


PS Core


-Aura of Craving
-Charisma & Flirting automatic mentor/improver
-Instant seducing tactician
-Courage Reclaimed
-Emperors voice
-Enchanting Smile
-Gorgeous Manifestor
-inner gasoline
-Instant Spark
-Negative Energy Transmutation
-Seducers Gaze
Sexual Manifestation

Overall i give tonight a successful score i went out of my usual comfort zone and did a solid job socially.

I have this air to me that i cant say i ever had before in my life that these subs have helped me develop but honestly it came once i created a custom. Thanks @SaintSovereign and @Fire for the work you guys and the rest of your team put to create such sweet products. The positive impact you guys are putting on peoples lives is amazing and love that even stronger tech is on the way that im finding it hard to contain my excitement since Qv2 is really good.

The aura i carry now causes people to turn heads upon arriving to the scene. Its crazy how at one point in life we can look at another person and think “wow this person is so strong” “How is this person doing this” and see it as something we wish we had and could be in these peoples shoes and then suddenly you become these people and now others are looking at you the same way you looked at these people before. It feels like i stepped into an Ascended mans shoes and don’t have plans on returning them to him.

Women were intrigued and genuinely interested in what i had to say and i could tell i stood out from the rest of the crowd. These are things completely different from what i would have reported a year ago or even just a few months ago. My 5 months with Ascension and PS have done me well and it feels like im just scratching the surface. In a few months i may graduate myself to iron throne but imma give it atleast six more months since i just created this expensive PS custom😅



Second straight day im hit with reconciliation and brain fog. I suspect its due to now running two customs and dense ones at that. If after tomorrow when i complete my listening day i get struck by recon i will be taking on a different approach and run the subs one day and then rest up for 2 days so ill make my decision at the end of the week.

Today when i came into work one of my coworkers who reminds me of mr. Myaghi from the karate kid movies stops me to tell me that i am someone different from the pack. Lol that if i was in the army im the guy with a different uniform on. He basically went on to say that im a wolf among sheep. That i do things according to my code and no one elses. I have no idea what made him say this but he said it. All i can think is that Ascension must be changing me in nonverbal ways that even im not aware of. After hearing what he said it had made my day because i got even more evidence that the subs are doing deep work. I love when the external world gives me evidence the subs are creating visible changes in me.

One fear i have noticed that i cant quite figure out how to name it is when lets say for example i end up having great rapport with someone and i love the impression i left on this person and would not want that impression to change whatsover and i realize i only managed to create that impression because i was on fire socially at that moment but now that the fire has been put out i dont have the capability to pick up where that great impression left off and i can feel that on a conscious level so i avoid said person to preserve that impression as to not ruin it with my current state. Anybody know what this is about.?

Im still having more days where i notice my anxiety is so low and nonexistent and only when i get recon that i notice it gets out of control.

Im going to go paintballing this weekend for the first time and most likely ill be running into some people i havent seen since before my subs journey so perhaps ill vibe better with them this time than the last.

Also if im not mistaken its also a good opportunity to meet some of the opposing team’s players and could be Inner Circle core showing signs of manifestation in my life only time will tell i guess.

The idea of having friends sort of scares me and being the alpha of a group of friends is new for me because i havent had friends in so many years and thats due to me withdrawing from the world due to my brain injury that day by day is healing almost going on 6 years with it but i can feel a full recovery will be here soon.

Before when i had friends they werent really real friends they were guys i played basketball with and would hangout a little bit after but we rarely hung out for other reasons. Plus they werent people i considered loyal so i could never see them as friends. My thing is “Value loyalty above all”

I would be lying if on top of that fear i am not excited that an inner circle group of friends is pretty much in the works to being manifested due to the sub and im awaiting their arrival and theyll come at some point. Any time i catch myself talking to someone new i think to myself could this be the inner circle manifestation and then im disappointed when i see flaws in their character that pretty much make me think not this time.

Overall i have been noticing that life is forcing me to open up pathways of manifestation. In the form of my family throwing a party or setting up social events where i could meet people. So it seems like if i dont take action then my reality puts me in a situation where im exposed to a new place and pretty much forced to take action :sweat_smile:


Dec 1.

My updated stack due to the release of ZP is now:

-Elite Custom

Im very certain this will be my stack for good until i reach the goals of the subs. Will not be hopping to other subs unless ZP reveals to me otherwise.

I was very intrigued about Wanted due to the testers results and is very alluring for me because i have a mentality where i want women to flock to me. This is not the way i want to succeed with women i feel that as a man its my job to put in the effort and go after them which is why this is the archetype i want to be and i want PS ZP to transform me to this. To be able to after something in this case a woman and know i will be able to get it.

With that being said i ran:

-1 loop Chosen Zp
-1 loop PS ZP

I could tell right away there was something different. I could feel something from listening to these. Very reminiscent to running an Ultima.
None of this “feeling” led to any changes to my external reality pretty much the same. Im very good at spotting diferences to the smallest degree because im very concious and self aware to the things around me and how things affect me.

My only complaints on the testing of ZP was that they were tested on individuals with a very high baseline and i feel when it comes to testing they need to do the tests on people with a low baseline to be able to confirm with absolute certainty that it will work for any individual.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire if you ever read this i hope to be a future tester for Seduction titles in the future specifically for PS or Libertine or any others that you may plan on having in the works im serious about getting this part of my life in order which is why i have been running the same titles for a long time i dont hop on new ones unless they are acting as addition or to replace ones i wasnt ready for(Khan—>PS) which Khan i ran for nearly a year before i realized i wasnt ready for it but Ascension and PS are not going anywhere until i get what im looking for from them.

Mark this post you will see far down the line that i will still be running PS and Ascension unless i graduate from Ascension but PS is staying for good. Ill probably end up being the 2nd longest runner of PS next to Saiyan4blue.

Now with that out the way:

The anxiety reduction from running these subs is the most apparent thing from running these subs. Although a big credit may need to be given to Lions Mane mushroom for that or maybe all the credit, who knows.?

My expectations for ZP are pretty high considering all of the hype and excitement so i look forward to reporting the changes that this stack creates in me and in my reality.

I hope the motivation to take alot of action that i heard on some reports is actually a thing with ZP because alot of times i hold back on taking it although i do take more of it like my flirting with the manager at my dentist office that in my pov was giving me IOI and when i went for the close she was blushing really hard and i could tell that my presence had overpowered her and caught her off guard but in the end just like any other times i have gone for the close i get rejected.
I actually fumbled my words when i did and in my head i felt like a complete rookie which may have been the deal breaker in that interaction but something told me the interest was there i just needed the game to close that one which turned out to not be the case.

Overall i hope PS ZP gives us testers the ability to have ps and it all in one sub .

Well find out i guess😅