My wtf experience with subs


Hello everyone,

So as far as I know I have always been slightly colour blind. I have been tested etc… Then a couple of days I found a sub online about colourblindness and I decided to take a test before hand… you can probably guess it already, I got the DEUTAN mildness as a result.

Then after I listened to the sub I took the same test again several times and from another site and I got normal vision as a result.

I am a bit afraid to take the test now again perhaps I will get the same deutan result again, but this experience showed me so much about the power of what a sub can do.

I have been so shaken up by this! Wtf!!

Thanks for reading i.just had to share this.


Very beautiful, thank you for sharing.
There are a lot of reported cases from people with multiple personality disorders, where one personality would suffer from lets say diabetes and the other not. And the condition would change in a blink of an eye the same moment the personality switches. Why? Because another personality, another beliefs.
As crazy at it sounds but it really does appear like physical illness is at core an illness in the personality (personal reality) of the person.
Again, thank you very much for sharing this, I always find it highly inspirational to read about people who did the impossible.


Amazing so the sub cured your colour blindness


I feel shocked, I never thought this would be possible. I thought I was broken… but now I am wondering is this permanent? Feel scared what if it’s not? Is belief this powerful?

Thanks for the comments guys!


Yes, belief is this powerful.


Belief can literally kill you. Or save you. It is up to you.