My primal journal


Ive decided to start journaling my results with primal. I started running it 3 days ago for about 6 hours during the day, and AM and limitless once per day to maintain the results as they where my previous stack.
I feel like this is worth journaling because in social regards im the nice guy, self consious, approval seeking, the soft little harmless pet with some awkwardly creepy sarcastic tendencies. But im self aware and willing to change and give up whatever I need to


My main reason for starting primal is because im going to be a real estate salesperson soon and I want to be more emotional calibrated and relatable, natural, confident, trustworthy because im comfortable in my own skin.

since Ive started running it Ive noticed some things “coming to the surface” if you will. I have a tendency to grin at people, or smirk, its like an urge thats hard to control. Ive realized its a defense mechanism because I feel inadequate. or I feel like im right and im justified and I take pleasure knowing the other person is wrong or inferior. Just becoming aware of mostly unconscious behaviors. Ive started to have more deep and interesting convos after realizing and giving this up.
I think I weekened its power by consiously working through it but the sub brought it to the surface? Im curious to know if anyone else had experienced this. Other than that people seem to treat me with more attention and importance. Im still self consious and socially uncomfortable.


Weakened what’s power?


in the description its refered to as a useless behavior. my unconsious and predictable reaction of smirking or grinning as a social defense mechanism, it lost its power over me as an impulse because Im becoming aware of it and its inner workings, taking responsibility.


Ah okay, because of the wording I was a little unsure what you meant. But that’s awesome man! :slight_smile:


Since you have many social interactions you might want to take a look at True Social supercharger


Day 4: feeling social pressure/ social anxiety more than usual. feelings of “crawling in my skin”, linkin park put it best.
I have true social, I will play it more often, it comes off a bit arrogant to be hones like one could develop a superiority complex with it.


Day 6: Im feeling more emotionally vulnerable in social situations, ive been masking my emotions for a long time and its like the mask is coming off. Whats under the mask is like an atrophied limb of my personality that hasent been used much.


day 7: joined an improv group today. it was actually really fun and I felt open and spontaneous! Ive never done theatre or anything like that before.


Day 9: I felt noticeably more outgoing and confident today. more relaxed, deeper voice.


Day 18: More confident, outgoing, body language and behavior. Less social anxiety and self consciousness. This is mostly due to shifting my awareness from myself and being “in my head”, to other people around me and studying other peoples body language and behavior as im out around people. This is due to my recent focus on emotional intelligence, (emotional intelligence 2.0). I don’t know how deep the influence on my life the subs go, maybe my purchase and study of the book and my outward shift of attention was a result of the subs influence of me. If it is that’s pretty fantastic. Makes me wonder if the the subs are modeled after the quantum physical view on reality…


day 20: im pretty sure Im on the autism spectrum now because of observed social patterns throughout my life.
Also this site seems like the kind of peculiar intellectual interest someone on the spectrum would be into, so feel free to comment if you can relate.


day 21: deeper, more relaxed voice.
this is probably the most pronounced result ive gotten from these subs.
Also I think im starting to feel more independent from other peoples opinions of me, which is a common result of this sub I hear.


day 27: much more dreaming some sexual, when I try to remember them more pop up. more sexual thoughts, anyone know why?


Good for you. That’s great to hear :+1:t3:


Day 28: I know their is a coincidental manifestation aspect of these subs that others have reported on. mainly I think because our reality as we see it is generated by the subconscious, whether the makers believe in that model of reality and created the subs on the basis of it I’m not sure, but I feel like circumstances are happening to me that normally wouldn’t. Ladies at work seem to be more interested in talking to me, mainly older ones. also I found a phone outside with a front image of a sketched nude lady…


im switching back to ascended mogul as my primary. the sexual thoughts from primal are just too much, its getting in the way of achieving my goal right now which requires focused study.