My phone automatically switches the volume


What app can i use to keep my volume up all the time?
I tried some volume booster apps but the audio seems different when i check with requensee


This is actually not normal, maybe there is a problem with the phone itself.
I use Blackplayer


Do you mean as soon as you start FrequenSee, the sound’s gone? That would be the background-playing thing that’s been discussed many times already. If not, I have no idea.

I don’t know how well it works to use FrequenSee on the same phone as you’re playing if you use the phone’s own speaker.


I put the volume to max, i go to sleep and when i wake up it show me that volume is down and asks me if i want to enable “safe mode”


Do you have an Android? Some Androids have a volume limiter that periodically drops the volume to a “safe” level and brings up that annoying prompt. Supposedly there are apps that can disable this but I didn’t find anything that worked. Let me know if you do.


@bujin is correct. It is easy to disable the feature is you use a custom ROM or if your phone is rooted, but there are apps that use artificial methods to amplify the sound without raising the volume.

Google for “disable android volume limiter” and you’ll probably get a list.

If you’re using an iPhone on the other hand, I have no idea what I’m talking about… :slight_smile:


If you’re on iPhone, go to Settings>Music and see if “Sound Check” is on(green) or off(white).
If on, what it does is scans the music/audio files and adjust the metadata tags of them all to normalize the volume levels across the board.

Also, if you have an Apple Watch that you wear, make sure you aren’t hitting the digital crown with your hand in the night.

If you don’t have iPhone, I’m all outta ideas.


What if i boost the volume on filmora? @Fire


Keep in mind that tampering with the MP3 file in any way may lead to breaking it. If you do, keep in mind these things:

  1. Do not recompress as a lossy format. Either save as WAV, FLAC (for android) or ALAC (for iPhone).
  2. Make certain to capture the entire dynamic range. This is especially important with ultrasonics.
  3. Always alter the track as a whole. Some video players/editors have options to lower the loud sounds (like explosions) while raising the soft sounds (like dialog). This will alter the track in an unforeseen way. Always keep the waveform intact!

That said, if you’re going to use anything to mess with the file, don’t use a video editor, use a wave editor like Audacity. However, in most cases adding Replay Gain metadata is enough to safely amplify the track.

Why not use the tips offered above? There are tips for both iPhone as well as Android. I’m assuming you are using one of those.