My next proposed custom (Combat Instinct, Regeneration, Minds Eye)

I’m planning on building a custom with these modules. I narrowed it down to 21, so I’ll have to remove one of these for it to be built.

Any and all help is appreciated.

1)	Minds Eye
2)	Regeneration
3)	Combat
4)	Lion IV
5)	Deep Sleep
6)	Ares
7)	Februus
8)	Gratitude Embodiment
9)	Love Without Attachment
10)	Inner Voice
11)	Ego Adsum
12)	Attachment Destroyer
13)	Sanguine
14)	Mosaic
15)	Energetic Development
16)	DEUS
20)	Blue Skies
21)	New Beginnings

The focus will be on healing mostly.

Minds Eye, Regeneration and Combat Instinct are my cores because I want a focus on healing. I’ve found that using Minds Eye Q to visualize myself being regenerated is extremely effective, and I have many good days when using Minds Eye.

ARES, FEBRUUS, Gratitude Embodiement, Love Without Attachment, Blue Skies, and most of the other modules are there for emotional healing.

Lion IV is there for the general enhancement in status. Although not a focus of this subliminal, it is an effect I want in there.

Is there anything in here that I could swap out or make better?

I intend to run this as my main subliminal for the next 12 months.


You could drop mosaic.


If you’re not running other subs with a different focus, Mosaic is likely not required. Looks good otherwise!

I’m never certain what my plans may become, so I’ll keep mosaic as insurance.

My current custom has Ultimate Artist, which I’d like to run later when this custom is ingrained within me

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At that point, I’ll be looking out for Supreme Love Fist. The compassionate and benevolent yet extremely effective martial art that you’ll create in a series of fevered late-night training montage sessions.

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I’d drop Sanguine, as there is Sanguine Ultima which I feel does a much better job of anti-reconciliation + making the day feel better.

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I’d agree with @SubliminalUser here. I think SanguineU may actually be more beneficial with this dense of a planned custom sub.

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I would only drop Sanguine if you really are planning to listen to SanguineU regularly. Otherwise it is to good to leave out.

I would drop Februus, I believe it is in the Regeneration core anyway. You can also think about changing one of the healing modules to I AM depending on your needs. Otherwise personally I would drop Love without Attachment

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Could you talk about the reality(or realities) you are envisioning building/contributing to in your life with this subliminal?

What does healing mean for you (i.e., in your thinking, in your experience, in your practical lived reality)?

Also, what do you envision as the journey? What’s your point A and point B? From where to where is this custom helping to convey you?

Great questions @Malkuth.

I feel that I have the reality I need and want through running all these subliminals.

That all these opportunities are here, but I can’t actually use any of them because I’m limited by my trauma.

For example, one of the best ways to get job/business opportunities is to go to expensive gyms and interact with others who go there.

I’m certain its why I manifested this particular gym I attend. Theres lots of people there who could help me get a job, if I could interact with them normally.

At present, I feel so defensive over myself and my personality where I don’t want to allow anybody in. Its an emotional and very hardwired response within myself that conflicts with almost everything I’m doing.

I would like to get over this and have the ability to enjoy my life, which is already full of abundance.

I envision a future where things that many people take for granted I’m able to participate in. I’ve long felt like an outsider, the black sheep of my family and had trouble maintaining relationships with others and myself.

For me healing means being able to enjoy what I want to do and like without the blocks that have constantly been there my entire life.

Walking into the store and not being anxious, making a mistake and not letting it bother me for hours, being able to to take life even after disaster.

Right now the areas that I want to tackle are financial and social.

I want to get a better job but have always been blocked by soft skills and office politics. This year I aim to end that and get the job(s) that I want.

Secondly I’ve never had many friends, and even my relationships among these friends can be strained at times, especially during reconciliation. I’d like to enjoy more intimate relationships with the people around me, and have more people around me.

Thirdly I want to reach a state of “Thriving.” Its a bit of an abstract concept, but with trauma you end up conforming to the demands of your survival instinct. The problem is that I’m rarely ever in danger, but always acting like I am. I don’t speak often, I stay indoors, my mind is chaos, my body is tense all the time, and I carry that with me. It makes the very act of living feel so tense to me and I want to experience life on the other side.

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How is it going for you?