My new plan AL+EoG+QL at once


I just brought EoG, Alchemist, and QL. But you may not want to do what I am planing. I started training my mind in 95. I learnt to meditate then, and started metaphysics training. I first experimented with subliminals in 98. I freely admit that I used them wrong then. I then did hypnosis in 99. In 04-06 I did a daily hypnosis that had a line in it that went something like ‘you have a powerful mind.’ I learnt multiple healing modalities over the years. I have cerebral palsy and I improved my gate, range of motion, and speaking thru hypnosis only. I should get back on that hypnosis, but need money cp can wait.

I am confidant I can handle my plan, but if you are new don’t follow this plan.

From the FAQ

Blockquote # How Long Does It Take for Subliminal Messages to Work?
It’s a tough question that relies on many factors. The effectiveness of a subliminal audio program depends on how often you listen to the program, whether you listen consistently, whether you listen with headphones (or use the set and forget method), your individual personality, your innermost morals and beliefs, etc. That being said, if I HAD to estimate how long does it take for subliminal messages to work…… you should expect to see minor changes around day 30, strong changes around day 90, and MAJOR changes at six months. Using a subliminal program is like going to the gym, you just can’t use it once a week for an hour and expect huge changes in your life. They require consistent, regular use. That’s why the set and forget method works so well. You simply play the subliminal on your favorite media player, preferably through speakers, set it to loop (or on a playlist, if you’re stacking subliminals) and go about your day.Z

I am doing my 3 major programs back-to-back in a stack. Each stage has my favorite time frame ‘until.’ I read somewhere that a student asked his master ‘how long should I practice?’ Master replied ‘Until.’ Meaning until he got everything with no fear of going back to his old way of life.

I may end up doing each stage more then 6 months, I don’t know. I will listen to my intuition on when to switch not a calendar. It took me 44 years to be like I am, why would 30 days per stage help change my beliefs radically? That is what I will get out of this, a radically different life. It will be worth the 2+ years of doing this. Remember, change work is a marathon, not a sprint.

Baseline of money: I am on disability, but learning affiliate marketing. I have a teepublic shop which
makes 10 a month.

Baseline of learning: I have a film degree, never used it. I had many people in my life tell me ‘I think you are a genius,’ and mean it. School was easy, listen to lecture, briefly read notes, get my A. I had depression real bad in high school, grades suffered. In 8th grade with one B in two years and easy A’s I thought Harvard law? But depression got that. In 12th grade the bonus for seniors was no exams if you had A’s, so I thought let’s care again get the bonus, which I did no sweat. College was the same. I do talk slow, so in turn I read slow. I was trained to sound out each word. I am really looking forward to speed reading in QL st 2.


All the best, @procyon98. A very intense and interesting subliminal stack. Will follow your developments for sure.


I am learning a lot more now. I almost always have an mp3 or documentary going about the power of the mind, and how to manifest. I listened to your wish is your command.

On a side note I am washing my hands more. Before you judge I push myself in a wheelchair, sometimes, washing my hands is nearly pointless. I wash my hands and put my hands on my wheels to, you know move. So basically, in your terms, I wash my hands, turn off water, and before taking one step I put my hands on my shoe. Gross, huh?


driving gloves? (Not sure if those are a pain in the ass for some reason).


I am reading about emperor v4, seems cool. I already have the 3 major ones that I am doing so I won’t be joining the new thing, although I have brought emperor before so I do have access to it.

I went with my wife to a conference she had to go to. It was 3 days and I did not have access to my subs. So that may mean that I am back at square one., I know other producers say that, but I am know if sub club is like that. So I may stay with stage 1 until June.


I thought about it and due to Emperor’s v4 reports, and my hope that it will support the main 3. I added it, but it will go thru the whole time i am doing this stack, unless it is too much


Last night I was reminded ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ Everything I need is in the main 3, so why add anything. QL has productivity which is why I wanted Emperor v4. 3 Lately I have been so lazy. Then I remembered big internal changes wears me out, zaps my energy. So I am no longer reading about any ‘hype’ threads. I know Emperor has an alpha component, Which I don’t need. I am very secure in my masculinity, and very happily married to my twin flame.

I decided to make a blog in the new year that talks about changing ones life, metaphysics, and some make money online.

I remembered how great I am at my vision boards. I made 2 before, got exactly what was on them. So I made a business one.

My wife and I were homeless last year and now she got a job she loves. She is making over 60k a year now. Cool huh?


I am learning about blogging. I will have a metaphysical blog. I am also thinking about starting my metaphysical doctorate, again. I took time off and never went back. I think AL st1 is pulling me in that direction, and I LOVE it. I decided not to blog about ‘making money online’ I am not passionate about that topic as I am metaphysics.

I stared a course on remote viewing and remote influencing. I am fully aware that with my Alchemist Supreme I have rvX but I want to take the class anyway to develop other skills that the course may teach.


About 3 months into the plan. Int February I knew that I needed self love, I used another Producer’s product. Since then I made one coloring book and some tarot journals. I restarted myself youtube channel discussing metaphysical concepts. I do one a week. Gotten back in Art.


Because of Q" I am moving my ST2 change date until Aug or Sep.