My Mogul Journey


I started last night only played it on ultrasonic once just to see try it out. Was asleep in 5 mins as usual normally awake before 6 but apparently I turned my alarm off in my sleep and woke up properly at 620am
Head feels a bit heavy today will see how I feel after breakfast but will try masked tonight.
I’ve seen posts where people say they have really vivid dreams I have vivid full colour movie like dreams as standard generally but last night only one very short one where my sister was asking me why don’t i move into town instead and I said I wouldn’t even if you paid me I’m moving 20 miles away.

Realised this morning that I’ve only had male bosses including my dad and stepdad who have their own businesses I I’ve always had issues with my bosses being bullied by them accused of things I haven’t done wrong and being female maybe I’ve taken it upon myself that I’m too soft to be my own boss if bosses think I’m an easy target
I’ll know very quickly if it starts working as there are things I need to do that I feel like I’ve blocked myself off from doing if I could just start that would be huge in itself :grin:


A general advice to you and to the people whom started a new subliminal on their way up. Set it and Forget it is the best way to live life at present. When you are in a constant current of looking for signs, I assured you that you’ll reach a stage of paranoia easily. I’ve been there beforehand and it wasn’t fun. Hence, Set it and Forget it :grin:


Thanks it wasn’t a case of looking for signs although I did have a weird epiphany yesterday that I’ve never had before about living somewhere else with my animals.
It was more a physically doing something towards it I meant which I’ve not been doing because of the fears and crap in head :wink: I just make excuses to myself and watch on demand TV instead or cook.
Yesterday oddly I chose to play a YouTube video that came up in my feed which coincidentally answered a question I’d been concerned about previously about selling on a particular platform.
Will see how today goes I set it on repeat on masked over night but didn’t sleep very well (will try ultrasonic again tonight) was awake at 515 normally I’ll be like that’s close enough to 6 I’ll get up but I felt so tired went back to sleep and overslept woke up at 815 :woman_facepalming:t2:


That’s fine then. In my case, I listened upon waking up from sleep with my Earpods and had it switched over with a wireless headphones thereafter (As I am travelling to work). At work, I recharged my headphones while listening to the masked sub on either my Earpods or a wired earphones. After work, rinse and repeat. No desperation to look for signs or anything, nothing. I am a man of action. Action, there is or it’s NOTHING. However, I never listened to subs when I sleep, I tend to give my mind a peaceful rest hour before doing the same repetitive task over again when I woke up in the morning.

Results? My family’s been treating me with respect, I gained entrance into a promotion (Really unexpected, quite frankly), girl’s been checking me out more (I am not interested in any of it), and business opportunities randomly popping up here and there. That’s it. Only 1 sub, persevere, take action, focus, discipline and JUST DO IT (Sorry Nike, don’t sue me).

The sub that I used: Ev4 aka Emperor v4.


Sounds good, I had intended to have my earbud in with it on masked so could play it multiple times a day but have misplaced it :woman_facepalming:t2: don’t have the funds to replace it yet (it was only a cheap Chinese knock off but it’s lasted me a year) hopefully it’ll turn up. I’m going to try again tonight with the silent one I’ve not been able to listen at all today.


I do have a light suggestion for you. From the subset, you said that you generally wake up at 5:15 normally. It’s a head start. How you plan your day, sway the outcome itself. When you woke up, listen to it for an hour. Yes, and I mean it. If you know that your schedule is packed, you can’t afford to listen to it just yet, just use an hour at the bare minimum.

Why? Listen. We are all bombarded with subliminal stimulus on a daily basis. In all literacy, whether it’s the music that you’re playing, the video that you watched, the conversation that you had, or you talking to yourself internally… it’s a REPETITION of task at hand.

If you are conscious of all the actions at present, you would be amazed at the time you spent on a task repetitively. For instance, how CAN you or anyone else, play the rhythm of a music in your head without playing the music itself? That’s because you listened to it long enough and now it sticks right into the storehouse of your subconscious.

People love to tell me that conscious and subconscious is different. Frankly speaking, it’s the same thing. The thing is, you do it long enough, and you become it. Additionally, what is the perspectives that you brought forth when you operate FROM it? Aren’t you conscious doing it?

Hence, auto pilot kicks right into it when the entire process is ingrained within you. I now believed that you or perhaps someone new here might have grasp onto the fact on why you and the rest were requested to listen to it for a numbered of hours specifically. It’s actually a process of repetition.

Plus, what you are conscious of during the day, and what you reacted to the most, if you take a gander at it… it’s actually a reflection of your old beliefs aka old self.


Well I haven’t been using it much I would use it more if I found my earbud. Struggling with some family stuff at the moment and it’s bringing up a lot of I’m worthless, I’m a failure, why should anyone listen to what I have to say stuff so thinking I should have maybe started with a healing one first :woman_facepalming:t2::frowning: I wasn’t in such a bad place at the time but feel completely lost at the moment.
Can’t fund another and do want to stick with this but not sure it’s going to do any good at the moment :thinking:


Stick through it. Current circumstance doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to you and to anyone else, is how you PERCEIVE the current circumstance at hand.

It doesn’t matter if your family didn’t believe in you, you’ve to BELIEVED IN YOURSELF
It doesn’t matter what the society paints you to be, it matters what you paints yourself to BE
It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, it matters what you THINK OF YOURSELF

Focus, and ride out the storm as if it’s nothing. It’s nothing about having added a different sub, there’s no MAGIC pills. If you are constantly looking for one, be my guest, I can assure you there’s no end result coming from you in a year to come.


No never looking for a magic pill not afraid of doing the hard work like I have been doing for the last 5 years.
Just got a bit bogged down negativity wise and found it hard to get back out of it there was a literal storm forecast and for some reason they scare the hell out of me 63 mph winds are scary so I was on edge now I have hardly slept all night because it’s so loud and the wind isn’t meant to drop until Tuesday :woman_facepalming:t2:
Think I’ll try some tapping see if that works


Keep pushing, I know it’s difficult for many. It’s all in the mind. I can’t stressed this enough. I used to think, it’s easy to break past it. But, hell… the resistance is bitchy unless you overcome it with a fiery spirit. If you are soft hearted… you aren’t going anywhere. It’s the tough ones that manages to endure the long storm, rides it out gloriously.

Good luck!


Yep I agree. I am a tough one there are things I’ve been through in the past 5 years that would totally break other people. I used to see myself as a weak person always the black sheep of the family never good enough.
I realise that I had to go through tough rip your heart out of your chest test times to become who I am now and to realise that I am incredibly strong what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as the saying goes. I have my issues still yeah especially money wise but I think I need to remind myself there is no going back I can’t erase the past and I don’t want to because I wouldn’t be me now.
I’ve been out in that bloody wind and rain for the past 2 hours soaked through my coat and 2 layers of clothes but I’m fine.
I realised that the negative energy I felt is dispersed by action so I will try working on that.


I loved your take on it, a wondrous revival :slight_smile:


@spiritandfortitude I presume you’re in the UK, the weather is absolutely atrocious.

Enjoy Mogul, it works quite quickly.


Thanks yes I feel like it is definitely something that will help me on my journey.
Yep in the u.k we lost power for more than 4 hours this afternoon it’s just come back on now literally 7 mins before dark phew. :crossed_fingers: crossed it stays on.


Bit of an update.
Long story short.
Been waking at 530ish naturally for the past 5 days which is a time i need to be waking to get a few hours work in (haven’t been able to do that work yet more below)
Definitely improved my mindset wasn’t able to put ideas into practice though so that was frustrating stumped by my 6 n half year old laptop that after an adobe creative cloud update meant i couldn’t really use the software anymore.
A family member said I’ll buy you a new one if it will help you achieve your dreams.
It came today! I intend to pay them back.
So tomorrow morning will be listening to Mogul while I work on my new laptop.
Here’s hoping it’s the start of new beginnings. :grin:


What stack are you running?


only mogul at the moment as didn’t have the funds for others didn’t really have the funds for mogul but felt like i “needed” it :wink: