My little Primal Sedcution journal


This won’t be a very extensive journal. I will mostly just post a few lines of the changes I’ve noticed in my personality after listening to this program for a while. This will be useful for me and for for Saint and Fire. How more feedback how better the future subs are gonna be.

I started listening to PS 2 days ago and the first thing I’ve noticed is that I find myself more attractive when looking in the mirror. This was a bit of an unexpcted change, but it makes sense to changes this believe when you look at the purpose of this sub.


The second update comes earlier than expected.

The last two days I’ve been quite sad. Yesterday I thought I just had a bad day, but this day I still feel the same so I’m quite sure it’s PS doing work. Especially since there is no real reason for me to feel so sad, I don’t have any stressful things right now expect my final exams.

Overall the reconciliation is very strong right now. I even had to cry a little bit, this is something I never do. Today I’ve thought several times about stopping with listening to PS because this is not something I “really” want. Right now it’s a matter of pushing through it.

I have one question for @Fire or @SaintSovereign. Since listening to PS I’m worrying a lot more about my future. I really don’t know what I want to do after school. Is this just coincedence or does PS unexpectedly also work on this?


Yes, it is connected. Having a sense of direction is a factor that can affect your beliefs and your sense of self. On top of that, our subs are designed to make you question yourself and to dig deep in order to find who you are, instead of telling you outright.

Take a breather, then go with it and discover yourself.


I’m on day 12 right now and I’m noticing a noticable improvement in confidence. This type of confidence is definitely different from the type of confidence Emperor gives. For me PS really gives me the idgaf type of confidence, I didn’t really notice this on Emperor.

This is my first New Dawn subliminal I’m using and I have to say that I’m very impressed. This build seems to work a lot faster. Because of this I’m very excited for Emperor V3, which I will start runing besides Ps when it’s released.

Edit: Daredevil was actually my first New Dawn subliminal, however I only listend to a few loops of it.