My latest stack configuration

I’m starting a 12-week run of a different (for me) kind of subliminals test.

12 Week Run
Each Morning: StarkQ Terminus+RebirthQ+SanguineQ
Monday: EmperorQ
Tuesday: Ascended Mogul Q
Weds: Power Can Corrupt Q
Thurs:KhanQ (not sure which stage(s) yet)
Fri: Ecstasy of Gold Q (not sure which stage(s) yet)
Sat: Sex Mastery Q
Sun: LimitlessQ
the “Each Morning” for SQT+RQ+SQ will be just one loop of each in that order (I had some as-yet unreported intense dreams listening to 2X of that at night…I’ll write that up later on.
Each day’s subs will be after the “Each Morning” one…

I’ll loop those until my head feels “full” and I need to stop.

Each night in bed, I’ll do one loop of whatever the Major sub is for the next day. To “prime” my brain.

Will report back as to how this goes for me. I’m only planning on journaling if something significant comes up on any given day.


Hardcore choice!

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Awesome stack there. However, I have a question about this:

Given that both RebirthQ and SanguineQ have already been upgraded to Ultima, are you still going to stick with the Q versions?

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Yeah. I really don’t like Masked subs as much as ultras. Just a matter of preference really.
Mainly because this stack is playing while I’m talking to customer on the phone 4 days of the week. I CAN do masked and get results, but I’ve found that it’s easier for me to truly set-and-forget stuff if it’s ultra. The water sounds of the masked gets distracting to me at times.

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Today is Ascended Mogul Q day, being Tuesday.
That’s just been playing on repeat with iTunes on a separate computer in the office.
I noticed today when I saw a very attractive woman online, that i had the thought of “I could have her if I wanted.”

Of course, I have thoughts like that ANYWAY, but this was more of an identity-level thing (if you’re familiar with the NLP logical levels). I legit felt like I could have her (or anyone) if I wanted to go after her.

Not a huge shift, but enough that I noticed.

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Oh I thought you were using earphones. Forgot you preferred to listen with speakers at the office. Anyway, your stack looks awesome man. Can’t wait to hear more about it in the future.

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That’s a huge stack hey!
How long did you run subs before?

I did a journaled run of Emperor 3. Was going to be 30 days but the itch to change up got the better of me partway through. I don’t do set runs anymore usually…I just run whatever strikes me fancy for the day while working.

I started sometime last year or maybe early this year.

The most pronounced stack I’ve used so far was when I had Ascended Mogul Q and Limitless Q running 24/7 for a week straight so I heard it every bit I was in the office here. I went from 0 to making an ios app that actually works over 6 days of that week! The feeling of drive and productivity on that stack was crazy unreal. I didn’t journal about it until now haha


Wow! Impressive
How many loops do you run of Q?

Yas! And you don’t get burnt out or fatigue?

I’m not doing of the new custom Quintessence builds yet. I’m stashing up $$$ for that. As for the Q stuff during the day, I let it run all day. Like today was Ascended Mogul day. I start by doing a single loop of StarkQ Terminus followed by single loop of both Rebirth Q and Sanguine Q.

Then with a day like today, it’s AM on loop until I decide I’m done…so usually 9-10 hours of exposure total to AM.
Tomorrow is PCC day. That kinda excites me since I haven’t really dove into PCC much yet.


That’s hardcore!but I guess u get deeper more profound results that way!

Nah. I should rephrase that. I had it playing all the time that I was working in my home office.
I ended up calling out of work shifts that week for part of them at least (my job gets to me) and one way I found to destress and calm my nerves is to work on a kickass project. In this case, I made a Habit Tracking app to help me take accountability/ownership for some new behaviors I’m wanting to take on.

Most productive week of my life EVER


Guess I’ll be finding that out :smiley:

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That’s the proof of profound results :smiley:

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So today was Khan day.
I wasn’t decided if I’d run ST1 or ST4 since i just started this. I’ve listened to ST1 before when I felt moved to do so.

I ended up running straight ST4 Q for a few hours…last hour I added in ST1 thinking iTunes would just add that into my “repeat all” playlist.
Turns out it played each one just once and then quit.
I didn’t realize at the time, so no idea when it ended.
But I ended up thinking of a “modular” approach to doing recorded hypnosis sessions for both myself and clients.
I prototyped a simple page on my web server that takes 3 separate possible recordings each for the first 2 steps of the hypnosis protocol I usually use.
So that’s a possibility of 9 different flows just from the first 2 steps alone.
Anyway, the idea hit me and I “saw” in my mind how to do the randomization for the different parts in PHP…then use JavaScript to play them in order, one after the other.

I think this must be inspired by the new Q store and the modular approach with the modules and stuff.
I’m going to be re-recording proper audio segments this week so I can use the website and have a friend test out the process for me.

As for myself, I’ll be implementing this idea into an iPhone app for myself that I will be able to set up what my goal is for that session, whether changework, or deepening my self-reinduction trigger…basically I’ll have selectable modules for the changework portion of the hypnosis protocol I follow.


In terms of my stack, I ended up redoing it just a bit ago. Instead of Thursday being Khan day and Fridays being EoG day, I’m doing it now so Thursdays will be ST1 day from both, and Fridays will be ST4 from both.

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Yes it is!

Just geeking out a bit, why use PHP and then JavaScript when you can use PHP for both? Or are you using PHP with an embedded JavaScript inside? Just curious.

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I’m using the method in JS to play the file bits.
I’m only using the PHP to randomly pick a digit between 1 and 3 to use in the filename that JS has, since the audio files are named step1-1, step1-2, … step3-3, etc.

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The following dream ensued:

Me, wife, my Dad, and a bunch of other people were going to the store.
But we first met up at a friend’s house…and they have a little girl…maybe 2-3 years old.
The kid was very intelligent…like able to talk normal sentences, like Stewie lol
And was able to sight-read kinda slowly.
I got put in charge of taking care of her while doing the store trip.
So I was carrying her around and we were talking about deep subjects at some points.
And at others, she acted like any other typical baby, wanting her pacifier. Crying and sleeping a lot.
For storytime I took out my copy of “The Slight Edge” and we were reading that together.
This dream felt awesome for some reason.

Perfect age to learn about The Slight Edge. :smile:

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