My Khan's Journal - Viivek


Hi All,

After a break from Subliminal club, I have decided to give Khan a try starting today onwards.
I will go stage by stage basis cause clearing out the clutter in the head is more important than programming it with new data.

The “FrequencSee” app mentioned in the manual is really helpful. I just now realized that all the time I had been listening to the ultrasonic’s at a VERY high volume. Wondering why this information was missing in previously released products.

I start stage 1 today (June 30th) and it’s the 1st day.
Will report the results.

On quick question, How many days are we suppose to listen to each stage ?


At least one month per stage.


Welcome @vivekarora83

It depends on what is realistic for you and how deep you want to go.

I am aiming for 1 stage per 1 month. Some people are aiming for lower, and others for more time.

So: how long is realistic for you? How long is appropriate to make sure you finish and get to Stage 4 of Khan and stay on that biggest stage as long as possible?



I feel 30 days is a decent amount of time to put in.
No stacks just pure stage wise Khan.

I will aim for 30 days each stage.


Just as an FYI, am planning for play and forget method when am busy in office or having a chill out time watching movies or having a beer.

And while I sleep I will switch to masked version over my earphones.


That seems very wise, Vivek Khan :wink:

Looking forward to read your journal and to celebrate the changes you will make in your life.


Neah, will not like to change my name Viivek S Arora


Day 1 - Stage 1 - June 30th

So, there were fault’s while I was listening to the program while sleeping on Masked version.
I didn’t realize that there are all the stages in the folder, and hence one after another all the stages were played.

I realized this in the evening and rectified it.

So, there is this girl who wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to go through the normal date session and then get her on bed. But, before we met she started to talk about sex.

I rejected her, saying, “You will not get my D**k just cause you want it. You got to qualify yourself first.”

And she calmly agreed.

I feel this is effect of the sub. I wouldn’t have said no to any girl who wants to have sex with me. But, suddenly I thought, she can’t have me so easily.

Is there anything in the script which made me act in this alpha and value able way ?

What will be the impact of listening all the stages (which I did by mistake) ?


Probably the final Stage, Khan Complete.

Khan core is all about this mixed with sexuality + money + Social skills.


Thanks, I mean…any negative impact which is not supposed to be. Am only using stage 1 now.


No. You have freedom to use any stage you want.

Stage 4 is one of the most powerful Subliminals ever created. If you can handle it and do not feel exhausted and overwhelmed with its power, you can jump and use it right away.

Stage 1 is to clean out and heal and empty all the negative patters, blockages and bad things in your brain. Stage 2 is to reprogram your mind with powerful new beliefs and behaviors. Stage 3 makes you take a lot of action to get to your goals. And stage 4 is a very powerful potent complete subliminal for dominance, alpha, power, sexuality, women and money.

You can use the stage you want when you feel it is the right time. Even now. Or even mix them.

But I prefer to take it stage by stage, going step by step… You can choose to do that or try the final most powerful stage to see how it feels. It is your choice, you have freedom.

There is no wrong way to use Khan’s stages.


Thank You :slight_smile:

I choose to use stage by stage. The best way to use it. Doesn’t matter it it will take a little longer. Results should come.



Am back, after listen to Stage 1 for 33 days, it’s August 2nd today when I decide to move to stage 2.

What I felt with stage 1 ?

I was having strange horny kind of feeling all the time. I am getting hard ons in my pants even under stress full situations in office. I look at every 2nd girl passing by…all girls catch my eyes.

I get turned on faster, my mind is getting sexual fantasies like when I was in teens…

I watch porn every night…!!

Now, time for Stage 2…

Stage 2 - Day 1 - August 2nd.


Today it’s 3rd September and I have been listening to Khan Stage 2. All those sexual urges I was having during stage 1, slowly faded away.

When am outside, I have a different sexual look when I come across a beautiful girl. Not sure if that’s effect of the subs, or my approach anxiety came back. Normally I go and approach women without hesitation. But now am feeling lot of resistance in opening a conversation with strangers.

Have increased self love, and less aggressive.

I will switch over to stage 3 from today (Sept 3rd) for next one month, and see what are the results.


Update: As I started listening to stage 3 on 3rd Sept.
Now. I am unable to listen for 16 hrs, cause I have been traveling and out entire this week. Hence I decided to pause stage 3 at this point and then continue later on…

Pausing it on 16th…in this 13 days, I couldn’t feel any effect so far. I will resume after 7 days.
So, a quick question…when I resume shall I call it as day 14th, or start with day 1 again.

(In these holidays I can listen to stage 2 whenever I can)