My Khan progress


I’ve been listening to Khan stage 1 since release and so far I’m making good progress. Till now a lot of little changes are happening, which I’m quite proud of when I look back at it. The things I did will probably don’t seem really big to other people, but it doesn’t matter because for me they were important steps.

Stage 1 has really helped me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve done a few things I was actually scared to do, but instead of not doing it I took action. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I didn’t feel a little anxious while taking action, however I’m sure the next time I won’t feel anxious anymore. So for me stage 1 has been all about facing your fears.

When it comes to other changes, I want to mention that my walk has become even more confident and determined. Also I’m making more effort in greeting strangers. And I’m noticing that people a very friendly to me since listening to Khan.


That’s awesome afc22, Its good to see Kahn st1 isn’t all doom and gloom. I’ve been listening for 5 days now around 12 hours a day and haven’t really noticed to much yet apart from some mood swings. Maybe a bit of anxiety socially then the complete opposite haha. Anything else come up in the last week?


For the first 5 days, Khan ST1 didn’t affect me negatively at all.

Then the transformation critical moment happened, the I started riding the roller coaster of evolution.


Just like you and most other people running stage 1, I’ve been getting a lot of mood swings. One day I feel like a boss and the other day feel realy depressed. A few times I had to cry, but unfortunately I did my best to hold it in. I find it hard to freely cry.

One thing I find intresting is that I’ve no desire to switch subs. Normaly after a few weeks the thought of switching subs pops up in my mind, but this is not the case with Khan. I’m only doubting whether or not I should run stage 1 for an other month, howevee I have been having this thought for onyl a few days.


EXACTLY my experience.

Yesterday I was a BOSS.

Today I feel like crying, and my voice is weak and timid for some reason.


@AMASH have you already decided whether or not you are going to run stage 1 for an other month?


I don’t feel like switching, but summer is not the season where I should be bummed out and depressed.

I’ll probably add 10 more days, make it a round 40 days, then move on to Stage 2.


Oh really it took about that long to take effect. So guess i could still be in for a rough ride. How is it effecting confidence and drive after 30 days? Has it affected everyday life like work wise and socially on a more harder day.


Yeah it hasn’t been to bad, when I wake up have no drive at all or energy. Then a hour passes and it’s the great day. Then in the afternoon flat again. I’ll stick it out for a month and then maybe try st4.



Understandable, I can see how summer is the season for you, with picking up girls etc. For me personally summer is the best season for TB because the good wether is able to uplift my mood. I think cold rainy wether would make TB way worse for me. However after the next 2 months I will need a more stable confident mindset, so I will probably switch to stage 2 after the following 20 days. It will also depend on how other people like you who will switch earlier react to stage 2.

Stage 1 is actually very potent and works quite fast compared to other scripts. The only thing is that the first days those extreme feelings won’t really come up. For most of us it seems to get more hectic around day 10.


I agree. After the first week, I was just feeling a bit tired. But around day 9, I suddenly broke down and started crying, felt depressed and nostalgic all of a sudden, and stayed like that for some days.

Then, it becomes a roller coaster. I’ll be confident and energetic for a couple of days, tired and lethargic for a couple of days, then depressed and on the edge of tears for a couple of days, then back to confident and energetic, repeating the cycle non stop.

However, it feels the issues I am releasing are different each time.


I am amazed how much stage 1 has been able to change me in such a short time.

I had started listening right when it was released, so I’m on day 26/27.

The start wasn’t easy, but after the first week or so, the depressive phase started to slowly change into a more positive and happy mindset.

The changes are subtle, and can’t see the results right away, but I sometimes see myself doing things I was not willing to to do before, and also respond to situations differently than before, as well.

This is the first sub that was able to deal with my chronic depression. And that’s something!


I ran subs from the famous competitor of sub club( for months!) , but his products even deepened my depressive states and made me more miserable than before.

Can’t wait for the upcoming second stage, which will mold me into my ideal self :slight_smile:


I just came across this article, I found very intresting. Some of you have probably already heard of it since it’s 10 years old.


This is really interesting, think that is why we get exactly what our subconscious beliefs are.
The decisions are made before the conscious mind even has time to analyse it. :+1:

I can’t remember where I read this but there was tests on top performing athletes and there brain states before making there plays. The key factor on determining how successful there outcome was is a synchronised left/right brain state seconds before they make the play. The more synchronised the better they did but the out come could be determined weather it was going to be good/bad by there brain state seconds before they actually did anything.


Today I was very confident. For like a week or so this new confident feeling was already inside me, however it was strong enough to also reflect to the outside world. So today was a breaktrough. The type of confidence is really the “I don’t care” type of confidence. I was a lot less self concious and there was a lot of power behind my words. I was even bantering with a stranger. This is something I would never do before, I was always afraid of people not liking the playful jokes. Unfortunately I’m not a very good writer, because what I’ve just written doesn’t do justice to the breakthrough I’ve just gone to.

What makes this even better is the fact that like I said earlier this mindset has been inside me for like a week. It just wasn’t able to break through the surface. This shows me that this is a real big change in mindset and not just random day with high confidence, like I normally have with subs.

It’s amazing how this is onlh thw clearing stage and already gives me such confidence boost. It just goes to show how important it is to remove these negative thoughts first. I can’t imagine what stage 2 will do for my self worth/confidence since that stage will put more emphasiz on those things than stage 1.


I’ve decided to continue with stage 2. Tonight will be my first loops.


What changed your mind?


The breakthrough I had yesterday and the fact that I will be going on vacation with my family whitin a few weeks play a role. I already planned that by the time I am going on vacation I definitely want to listening to stage 2. The thing is that during the vacation I have to be a lot closer with my family, so when my mood is negatively affected by stage 2 I rather have that happening while at home. Right now I have simply more space to be alone, and I don’t want the vacation to be ruined because of my bad mood. Of course this is a bit of guess work, however I know from experience that the first weeks will negatively affect my mood the most.

Besides that I don’t want to fall in the trap of being afraid of abandoning the healing stage. I’ve seen that a few times on an other subliminal forum, where people didn’t move away from a healing sub because they thought they needed even more healing. For most people this only caused stagnation. I don’t want to fall in the same trap.

Right now it feels like I made the right choice, but when it feel like it was a mistake I won’t be afraid to go back to stage 1 instead of going to stage 3.


I’ve been listening to stage 2 for 4 days and I have to say that since switching the momentum I had in stage 1 is gone. My confidence is lower and my overall feeling is just meh. The thought of switching back to stage 1 has popped up in my head, however I think it’s my subconcious trying to escape through the easy way. So I will stick to stage 2 for now.

I find it hard to know whether I should trust my subconcious in these kind of situations🤔


Today is the 13th day, and today is the first day where I felt that my confident was back to my normal/higher level. Stage 2 has been just like for some other users tough for me. Untill today I felt very lethargic, bouts of depression, self doubt and just talking myself down in general.

Because stage 2 has been so tough for me, the last 2 weeks were also quite boring. I just didn’t have the willpower or urge to do something until a few days ago. What I’ve noticed is that since a few days my focus has really been on becoming a entrepeneur, I still don’t really know what I would want to do as an entrepeneur, however the last few days I’ve been spending like around 2 hours a day looking for ideas and learning about entrepeneurship in general.

One thing I’m noticing is that I’m becoming a bit restless because I have a lot of free time right now, too much if you ask me. The only thing that keeps me bussy is going to the gym, but that’s of course only 1 hour, 3 times a week. Unfortunately I don’t have found any other things I can put all my energy in. Applying for jobs is something I really want to do, but it wouldn’t make sense since I’m going on vacation within almost 2 weeks.

All in all, I feel like I’m going through a breakthrough just like on stage 1.

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