My Journey - Kevin77

WARNING: This is going to be long so be ready.

Who was I 4 years ago? I was a 14 year old shy boy that would be classed as a “fat nerd” who use to eat sometimes in the bathroom( I’m serious it was that bad), who had 0 girls attracted to him and who would constantly get bullied for being different.

How it all changed: I remember it like it was yesterday my first ever subliminal, [MOD EDIT] at that time I taught this was never going to work however I kept an open mind. I would listen to it for at least 8 hours a day, kept my belief high when using it and this was the first time I saw results from my commitment. I remember the hard days crying of joy because I realized how much potential I could achieve with this, no more depression, no more suicidal thoughts I could finally change my life for the better. Well, what can I say 4 years after those events I’ve watched over 100 Subliminals, played over 5k hours of Subliminals and now I am making sure all my testers get the same positive effects as I got.

My results: I got a big friend group that I enjoy hanging out with, I have girls attracted to me which never happened to me before, I got a body that I use to dream of, I completely changed mentally for the better and overall I became the version of myself I always wanted to be.

This isn’t to brag, this is to show that Subliminals can and will change your life if used correctly, with correct action. I still have a long journey ahead of me however this will be a journey I will enjoy more than ever(subliminal club). Stay motivated and commit to the subliminal journey:)