My Journey as 16 year old with Khan


Hey its Suson here. Started listening to Khan Stage 1 3 days back. But yeah will be making daily jounral.


Day 1 (Yeah Today. Its 1 am here)

I have seen that I felt less anxious today. I was more open and I joked around a guy with whom I used to be nervous. I shared seat with a girl and I didn’t hesitated. I was normal and I felt less needy.


Just today I thought “man I wish I knew about this when I was 16” haha.
Have fun


no kidding lol. i would be so different lol


Sure man…thanks…Will keep you guys updated


Oh man, I definitely wish I’d had Khan when I was a teenager! On the first day of 9th grade I met a girl and instantly had a huge crush on her… I unfortunately never worked up the courage to say more than a few words to her, and then never saw her again after the last day of class 4 years later.

Don’t do what I did.

Enjoy Khan!!


Something I’ve been contemplating is combining subs with Neville Goddard’s “Revision”…or something similar. Meditate and visualize I’m placing headphones on 10-year-old me while I listen to subs.

Neville’s revision is a way of “Changing the past” with imagination…so I figured it’d be cool to havre 10-year-old me listen to stuff like Emperor, QL, Khan, etc…whatever would have really benefited me back then.

If I can wrap my head around keeping a good solid visualization for 45+ mins at a time, I’ll probably start a new journal about it since this wouldn’t a 100% passive method like set-and-forget is.


Where would you find the 10 year old you?


Don’t intent to hijack MrSuson’s thread. sorry. I’d find 10 year old me in my room a lot though. I’ll start another thread to keep the convo over there.

EDIT: I opened a new thread in Emperor’s Lounge since it isn’t a journal per se yet.


Day 2 ST1

Today was a semi terrible day. I am so sad bit still not that sad. Today I had no energy at all in the morning. I had an anxious feeling inside. My concentration was fucked up. My vocal tonality got low and I felt like a victim.

I was not able to understand what my friends were saying in just once. I also felt like crying later today.( I have not cried for a year). But after some time I felt a little good as I was teaching one of my friend a topic she had missed.

Also after two hours or so, I got made fun of. I was walking on the stairs and a bitchy girl who I am acquaintanced with came and pushed me. She was trying to be cool. Surprisingly, I had no will nor energy nor motivation to speak up. Other boys laughed at me. I ignored it and went to the class I was supposed to attain.

The rest of the day was okay. Less anxious and more energy. Maybe because I was around people whom I was comfortable with.

Ps. Listening to subs at 4x speed in VLC works?

Also am I feeling down due to Total Breakdown?

Also guys how do you track hours listened to?


Day 3 Khan ST1

What an amazing day. Today was fire. I didnt get any i was confident in the morning. Went to school. Conversed with people well. I was filtering my words less. I didnt get anxious. I was joking around. My friend circle respected me more than usual. They were not.making fun of me. I was not feeling needy too. And guess what?

A girl made fun of my glasses. I asserted my respect and put her in a position like a boss. She was dissappinted that she couldnt laugh at me but I could see respect sparkling in her eyes.

I was having fun and I was less socially aqkward today. I came home and rets day was just fine.

Ps. I received a text from my ex girlfriend too.


Day 4 Khan ST1

I felt lazy today. Maybe its because its so cold. I did not focus in studies. I didnt go to school today. But I felt great about myself. I was lazy and it was eating me also. So not just great. I wanted to take action but I didnt.

Anyways, I meed to fight this. Also my parents seemed to respect me more today. I went out to eat with my friend. I was less anxious. There is like energy in me but still no motivation. So after that I went to tuition. Tuition was fun. Everyone respects me there. My reputation sucks at school though. I was free and carefree there as always.

Especial thing is I got a threat message from a school mate today. He has threatened me to beat me tomorrow. I didnt get frightened at all. I am kind of coward in such things. But this time, I am feeling as if I can give him a swing.


Did something speficially happen or is this usual?
Maybe he subconsciously feels challenged by you.


No this is not usual. He used to be good with me before. Maybe I did a story TBH shoutout of his crush.


Day 5

Todat was a good day. Woke up and had good energy. Nothing that noticable. Yes, the guy I talked about yesterday was absent. I did some intense work. Had a call with a new prospect and I was more confident than before. I also feel a little confident and certain than before.


Day 6 Khan St1

Today was a good day. Not that noticing but I feel more grounded. Also, today I was walking by the street and group of 3 girls were hitting on me. They were whistling, giggling and following me and my friend. They even looked at us and smiled. But I was not attracted to them after their that behaviour so I totally ignored them. They were doing it for almost 5 minutes and they left.


Day 7 Khan St1

Today was a good day too. I listened to the sub over night. I feel a lot aware nowadays. I started reading Transurfung Reality too. Also I read Quazi’s life mastery. A lot of paradigm shifts. Great mood. Feeling amazing. Also, My payment has been in hold for two weeks now. I didnt feel frustated. I just laughed and contacted the team. Its like I am more aware of my emotions now and I am able to handle it.


Day 8

Today was an amazing fucking day. A lot of motivation. I felt so less anxious today. It was loterally 0. I was at the top of my game. Very present. Words were flowing as if I were Harvey. And my classmate tried to make fun of me. I replied like a boss. Connected well with a guy who used to be jerk with me. I could feel people respecting me more. I also started feeljng a lot more independent. I feel certain and as if I am able to handle things myself. I also felt energised. That’s all


Day 10 Khan ST1

Days have been amazing. I feel more positive. I feel my life is in control. I feel powerful. I dont know why but I am not getting any bad feelings at all. I couldnt control my anger before but I can nowadays. Maybe its because of Reality Transurfing book. But yeah, I feel better. Also, I am still procrastinating regarding studies though. I feel I dont need to read booring school books nowadays. I am more into learning extra entrepreneurship stuffs. Also, I feel uncontrolled emotionally. Like overwhelmingly happy and excited


Have you studied Neville Goddard? If so, is there anything new in reality transurfing?