My Journey and Adventure with Khan Q & Libertine Ultima


I finally got around to making a journal.

I’m relatively new to Subclub, however not new to subliminals.

My subclub subliminal journey started with Khan since it felt like the most well rounded program.

I’ve already completed 400+ hours of Khan Q Stage 1. My confidence has improved both in and out of work, things don’t bug me the way they once did. The best way I can put it, my mind is as strong as steel. At work I’ve gained the name “Punisher” as I’m very direct when working along peers and subordinates. I have nerves of steel when presenting to large audiences (c-suite), my confidence and delivery improve every day.

I’ve recently added Libertine Ultima and shifted to Stage 2. My city has started to open up as of late July, so I will be focusing my experiences from Late July 2020 and onwards.

Looking forward to the discussions and feedback


Here is some background on how my journey unfolded as the city started to open up again. This will share context on my baseline behaviour on Khan Q stage 1.

Part 1:

One of my subliminal play grounds is the fitness club, the following takes place there.

Backstory: I used to go to this (Location x) fitness club for a couple of years, I’ve since moved and have not been to this location for about 2 years. I decided to return to this location because it’s a huge facility and never busy.

Day 1: July 27th. At this point I completed over 400 hours of khan q stage 1, I was debating shifting over to stage 2.

As I entered the fitness club, one of the employees recognized me, looked slightly off guard.

On the following days, one more employee recognized me and so did a few of the other fitness club members. This is as expected due to my 2 year absence, fitness clubs are also known to have high turn over - so I anticipated a blank slate.

A quick disclaimer: i have a specific type of female that I’m attracted to and will pursue. Let’s say I use my compass, and when I see a female that makes my compass pop, I 100% approach. If my compass does not pop and she looks my type, I observe. Those that are not my type get ghosted regardless of how much they throw themselves in my way.

One week in I noticed some mild interest from one of the female employee - she is not my type. Also notice some casual interest from club members, this is baseline behaviour for me.


Part 2:

Week #2: As I walk into the fitness - the interest from the club employee grows, now it seems her co-worker is also making efforts to get my attention. Both of which are not my type.

Part way through week #2 - I swipe my pass and I walk by the club employees, and I hear the one who showed interest ask the other: what was his name? And she replies “doubleyou”. This was loud enough for me to hear, I guess I had my headphones on so they assumed I was oblivious.

The fitness club works on a reservation system - so there are limited spots and you use the app on your phone to book a day (which books you based on your name/membership ID)

As per usual I book a day in advance, and the next day as I wait for entry - I notice this stunning, gorgeous, fantastic female who is 11/10 also waiting for entry (let’s call her hot brunette)- but here is the catch: I think I know her. She is 100% my type. What I found incredibly interesting is: it’s like she didn’t notice me - this to me is very odd / hard to believe. So we got into the club, and I casually observed her, and once she got to her equipment - I positioned myself to have a view. I got setup, I looked in her direction and she shifted one equipment over - so now I don’t have a clear view. I knew it - she knew me and I knew her.

Where I knew her from: 2 years ago she worked at this fitness club, she was I assume barely 20 at the time. She was as amazing looking as she was today, she threw herself in my way numerous times - I kept her in the category of observation as she also showed immaturity which did interfere with my compass. For some reason after September of that year, I didn’t see her around anymore - I assumed she had gone away for school. At the time I shrugged and moved forward.

What happened next: i casually maneuvered the facility - and from 75 feet away randomly we made eye contact. I knew it was her, I casually made my way to approaching her, and I got s*** tested from the get go. In short summary, after introductions she “nice to finally meet you, officially that is” a bit hostile. Understandable as it must have been frustrating in her eyes for me to notice her and approach after so much effort from her in the past… Smoothed things out - she showed a lot of interest, got her number.

So - this observation is khan q related so I’ll be brief as it is relative to pre libertine ultima. Although my reading about khan indicates manifestation starts in khan stage 3, I believe this manifestation was due to khan stage 1.


Part 3 - start of khan q stage 2 + introducing Libertine Ultima

They say you will know when it’s time to switch from stage to stage, I felt it was time now: Khan Q stage 2 + Libertine Ultima August 9th.

Usage: 2 x Khan Q Stage 2, 2 x Aura Q, 1 x Libertine Ultima. Overnight

Day 1: Noticing more obvious eye contact from females at the club, higher then baseline. My fan club among club employees has grown slightly - the 3rd female employee does check some of the boxes, but has some physical traits that does not move the compass. Attention received: deep direct, eye contact, sensual standing position, walk, even strategically removes mask to show she has nothing to hide under there. Keep in mind club staff is small, rotation of 6-8 employees.

After a couple of days, I’ve noticed attention increasing bit by bit. Higher volume of females trying to get my attention. Since my standards are pretty high, and I’m already chatting up the hot brunette I’m in observation phase. I don’t really have the time to chat up more then one female.

I recall reading the forums it was recommended to use Libertine before leaving home. So I decided to try that: Libertine Ultima right before I leave home - the results were outstanding. The best way I can put it is - the power of libertine ultima is exponentially stronger closest to the time of running the loop.

The pull I have on females further away increased, the amount of females whipping there head around to see me is fantastic. I could be standing behind a hot female (outside in line waiting for entry at store or venue) - 6 feet away and I guarantee she will look back at me in less then 1-2mins without me making an action or sound to get her attention.

I chalk this behaviour up to the sexual tension Libertine Ultima creates


Part 4.

At this point I have had every single female fitness employee check in on me. Hair flips, busy work trying to get close to me, doing their hair and makeup to get my attention. Positioning themselves right near the exit when my session is over and the list goes on. It’s insane.

Fitness club members - At this point I get an insane amount of pull. Each and every day.

The latest example: Sept 5th

The club was almost empty - less then 20 people in a club the size of Walmart. Out of the 20 there were 3 females that I noticed.

  1. Hot blonde, at least 6 feet tall, mid 30s (not my type)
    She was in line waiting to gain entry into the club, I got in line 6 feet behind her. It took less then 2 mins of me standing there for her to turn around and scope me out.

Later on in the club, she had an eye on me throughout my work out. To the point where she strategically went on the leg abduction machine, and slowly opened and closed her legs while glaring at me…Hit

  1. Hot blonde, 5’3, late 20s. Tank top, tights - here is the catch. She had a sweatshirt wrapped around her waist, had a hat on with the brim low so hard to imagine what I was missing.

I was on a raised level doing cardio, with a full view of the club floor. This female walked in about 10 mins, she was about 60-70 feet away from me on the main level. I looked in her direction - we made eye contact.

I continued my work out, and low and be hold hot blonde #2 sets up on the equipment right next to me. I looked in the direction of the same machine at the other side of the club and it was empty. Two identical machines, she choses the one next to me.

  1. Hot-ish brunette, 5’7, late 20s. As I was waiting for entry into the club I noticed her boyfriend dropped her off.

As my workout progressed, I caught her stealing glances at me. Not as obvious as the other two, I imagine this is partly due to being in a relationship.

Now you are all caught up on my experiences in one of my subliminal playgrounds (fitness club). I have a ton of other examples; ‘cashier at the store’, ‘female I ran into in the parking lot’ - though I feel those instances are lacking substance.

I’ll continue to journal as I continue through my journey and adventure.


You know when Everything in life is going so incredibly well and you wonder: is this real? That is how I feel about my current swagger.

I could be sitting on a mall bench scrolling through my phone, and have females slow down as they walk by me. The only reason I notice is it feels people hover over me, I look up and females look star struck. (Low traffic spot, I did look dapper: light hoody, jeans, sunglasses and ball cap).

I am a walking thirst trap

I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen with Khan (so far) and Libertine Ultima, I can contribute most if not all my incremental success to these programs. With that being out on the table, I had a thought I was hoping all of you can weigh in on:

In your individual experiences since your cities have opened up, have you noticed females extra assertive towards a man they are interested in?

My thought is lockdown probably drove men and women crazy (that did not have a sexual partner or outlet} resulting in one thing on their mind the next time they see the opposite sex.

Are women you come across (strangers or people you know) more assertive then before? Are they the same? Or are they more hesitant given current social distancing rules in place (masks etc).