My Journal with the Subs


So, I have been listening to the below mentioned playlist:

Emperor v2
Emperor v2
Mogul v2
Mogul v2
Primal XXX
Sex & Seduction

It’s been 23 days, initially I had a strong urge to start some business of my own, I invested a lot of money, then it faded away (may be cause of busy office), but I continue to listen the same all the time.
The subs are on now, on Bose Revolve bluetooth speaker, and when am in my office they are on my cell phone speaker. They are all ultrasonic.
One major change, I notice is I have more erections, and I have started to watch porn on regular basis.

It’s 1st of Feb, when I decided to add in Libertine in the list at least once a week, or probably daily.

I feel watching porn is effect of Primal and Sex and Seduction. And me investing on starting a business of my own is the effect of Emperor. Am not sure how other subliminals are working.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Let’s see what happens ahead…hope for some positive results.


Reporting back…

After 44 days of continuous non stop listening to the playlist mentioned above, I did not find any effects.
Which was a bit turn off for me, cause when I was listening to Emperor alone I was able to feel the motivation…but not anymore.

Is that cause I have been listening to these all of them, hence subconscious mind has just got so used to it that it doesn’t effect anymore ?

Or is that cause there are too many stacks…

So, I went ahead and decided to remove Mogul 2.0 from the stack and then see what happens…
Now the playlist looks as below:

Emperor v2
Emperor v2
Primal XXX
Sex & Seduction

Please suggest…


Both Emperor and Primal are heavy subs. It seems like most people get much better results when they chose between one of the two.


With this amount of major programs, you’d need to get an extensive amount of listening hours to feel effects, hence why you felt Emperor’s effects at first before it faded. Also, if you don’t act on your urges, of course you won’t “feel” anything – what is your expectations with using subliminals? Primal XXX is an experimental, switch to original Primal.


Expectations are :slight_smile:
Financial independence
More Women in Life
More dominant and powerful
Become famous like a celebrity
Staying well built and healthy

As afc22 has mentioned should I remove Primal XXX from the list or replace it with original Primal ?


That’s up to you. If you’re going to keep Primal, change it to original.



I have replaced Primal XXX with original Primal, will see how are the effects. the playlist looks like this now:

Emperor v2
Emperor v2
Sex & Seduction

I feel, if we are not getting results, or have stopped getting results, then we must get some help and look into why results are not showing up…and then get it resolved to get better results.

That’s what these forums are for…right…? (please correct me if am wrong)


I don’t know, for me results come from rewiring your brain via “priming” done in the brain. The priming is done while you hear the subliminal messages (by the way, subliminals are everywhere, for example, if you are on the highway and see a coca cola truck, even if you don’t put your attention on the truck, you might think about coca cola and might even anwser “coke” if one of your friend asked you what you want to drink… because your brain circuit concerning “coca cola” was activated without you realizing). Of course this is the base of how subliminals work, subliminal used to reprogram your mind are WAAAAAAAAY more complex than that… BUT the same principles apply! If you activates 10 000 differents pathways in your brain, they won’t really become more efficient… but if you focus on a specific pathway (by focusing on using a single subliminal), you can reinforce the changes that are being made in your brain by activating over and over the same circuit (for example, let’s say your reflex when you see a girl is to get anxious and panic, then the subliminal might try to fix the association girl–>panic, with something healthier like girl–>calm).

Also keep in mind that every change that you see to make it permanent you need time for the brain to rewire itself (literally neurons changing their prefered pathway or their activation scheme which is really complex). So it means that you need a good nutrition to support brain plasticity, good sleep and REPETITION.

You might benefits more from running 2-3 months of primal, then running 2-3 months of emperor or something… but you can try your current stack and see how it goes! You always need to try what works best for you :wink:

P.S. Explaned to the best of my understanding of how subliminals works, feel free to correct me if I got things wrong, but for now this is how I see subliminal working on the brain.


Thank You @WhiteTiger :slight_smile:

Yes you are absolutely right, that subliminal are everywhere, I have researched a lot about them (read books, google), subliminal are everywhere, and they are specially made for the movies. So, when I go to a cinema to watch any movie, I do tell to myself, "I am not going to take in any subliminal’s from the movie. They no show coca cola ads, in the intermission to increase the craving, and that’s subliminal. Even in a social gathering, when people are talking among each there, there are a lot of subliminal’s, our brain take in without conscious understanding. Even when am in a social gathering, I do listen to what people say, but I tell to myself…“NO SUBLIMINAL’S FROM HEREEEE…!!!”

I have also learnt to create my own subliminal’s, I learnt hypnosis, NLP…and then I discovered “Subliminal Club”

To be honest, if I didn’t knew about subliminal club, I would have started making my own subliminal’s for myself. But, I discovered subliminal club, and then me alone won’t be as good as the professionals here…(it’s just my own single research, cannot compare it with the masters here!!)

I do plan to run it for months…:slight_smile:, it’s evaluation for the results and then modifying them accordingly based on what you feel over a month…if something is not working, then that means we need to find out why, and then get it resolved and working.

I am not sure about what I said is right or wrong, and neither do I want to banter about myself, am only speaking from my knowledge which I have right now, and will continue to increase. Please correct me if am wrong.


Of course.

I would recommend experimenting with lessening the amount of subliminals in your stack. It could very well be that you need more focus with less subliminals.

And as always, you must take action to help the subliminal manifest things for you.

Action and subliminals go hand in hand.



Reporting back,

So, in this 24 days, I feel the urge to do something, but don’t know what. Sometimes (movie effect) I feel let me make my rap song and post it on YouTube (I used to rap in collage, but been years I didn’t). So, that’s coming out again.

I got one date, and it was a good one…(not a lay though).

Let’s continue listening and see if I get more ideas and courage to implement them…

Quick advice :

New “Primal Seduction” is coming out :

It looks like combo of “Primal” and “Sex and Seduction”

Is there any difference if we listen to “Primal” and “Sex and Seduction” as I am already and this new Primal Seduction ?

Should I replace this in my stack with “Primal” and “Sex and Seduction”, so that my play list will look like…

Emperor v2
Emperor v2
Primal Seduction
Primal Seduction

Will that make any difference ?

Please suggest…


Seeking suggestions …


It was suggested to focus down. Too many major subs overstimulate your attention capabilities, IMO. Emperor is an all in one sub, and it’s loaded with 4 different major subs right there. The stack subs compliment the major subs, so they don’t conflict. Adding in primal seduction is loading your brain once again, as that’s 4 major subs there as well.

I’d choose either Emperor or Primal Seduction, adding more loops of the one you’re sticking with. That’s how I’ve found out what a sub does, and how I feel on it. Also, only 2 loops of any major sub means progress will be slow. Focus on one. Concentrate on its possibilities, and you’ll surely notice effects then.


I really can’t answer this yet because I don’t know how Primal Seduction will actually perform. I know it’ll work, but we don’t know if it will overpower other subs – a real possibility. If you do have Primal or SS in your stack, you probably would benefit from replacing them with Primal Seduction.


I decided to run Primal Seduction only for a month, and nothing else. Is that a wise approach ? Or anything you suggest I can stack on to intensify the results ? I started listening to Primal Seduction Iron Throne version since yesterday.

Please let me know.