My Journal about Spartan


I am a strong believer of law of attraction. Few things I have achieved through LOA.

Thats how I ended up with subliminal research and convinced to buy sub club products. My primary goal is to improve my health condition. Also my financial status. I thought of buying only spartan but found 30% discount and bought Mogul too.

I am listening Spartan mostly and in night both spartan and mogul.

I am just listening it for 2 days.

Little bit about myself. I am working from home. So my physical activity is very very less or almost zero. Due to this my health condition is not that great like I cannot stand for long time or I cant even walk for a km :frowning:

After listening this spartan, I walked for 30 mins today which I feel is a big accomplishment :smile:

My mind keep saying my health will improve soon.

I will update this journal in a week.


This is inspiring. I have some health conditions too (mostly related to my eyes and ears though) and was wondering which subliminal to use for those issues. Any suggestions?