My journal about Emperor + Beyond Limitless + Sanguine stack


Hey guys, I believe there’s nothing much to tell here: this is a journal about the three programs I started last day. I hope you guys enjoy:

Day 1:

Did Beyond Limitless meditation before it all. Instantly, felt something like an “itchy” in the brain, a weird sensation btw, but I could stay focuses by longer times and improved my empathy for the English studies.

After a while, I put the masked versions of Emperor V2 and V3 at low volume, at the same time, to run while I was working.

Got more concentration and a pretty great flux of ideas, which I didn’t have for a while. It was pretty great, but it ends there.

I put the masked version to run in my cellphone and before the sleep, and well, here’s the insane thing is all about, but for that, I’ll need a little background:

I broke up with my ex-GF at the beginning of 2018. It was a pretty shitty breakup, mainly because I had that little moment of despair by being extremely shitty at that time, but in a resume, his family probably hates me.

Well, things told, I had a SUPER real dream, like, very lucid, when she was begging for forgiveness and I was like “oh, ok, I’ll think in your case”. We came back, I can remember the entire dream as it happened 10 minutes ago, and I woke up from it as if I just lifted from the bed. I don’t know how to put it in proper words, but it was something like I didn’t was dreaming, just lying on the bed. Is very difficult to tell, but the thing was pretty real. Also, I remember that some magick rituals just showed up in my head, and I remember a date, like, 1 year. Well, pretty weird dream, like, I am already over my ex, in fact, I dated many girls after the breakup, really dated a long time with one (that I still like to confess), but I need to tell that I have some shame about what I did to the girl. Maybe it has a connection? I don’t know. I know that this dream is stuck in my head because, damn, shit was SO real… And even the magick rituals… I need to contact the spirits I dreamed about to ask them what the shit was that. lol

If any of you can give me a help, it will be welcome. :slight_smile:

Then, I went to the bathroom and came back to sleep. The next dream was less weird, but again, VERY vivid. This time, it was more “colorful”. I dreamed with a Japanese city I like too much, I dreamed about being rich, everything very vivid and real, but it sounded less real than the last dream (or maybe I was not so surprised). I have a great, great sleep. I took some melatonin, but dudes, I never slept so well. This thing really rocks!

@SaintSovereign and @Fire, it seems that both of you did a great job. Congrats.


Day 2:

Did Beyond Limitless meditation before it all. Again, felt something like an “itchy” in the brain and a deep relaxation state.

I put the masked versions of Emperor V2 and V3 at low volume, also Sanguine, at the same time, to run in my headphones. Instantly felt the growth on the concentration. I made a lot of research without giving a break, for almost 4 hours straight. This was… WOW.

During the break, I put Emperor V3 to run on the ultrasonic version, and my cat went crazy! LOL

Then I lowered the volume and everything became ok. When I came back to work, well, didn’t see any difference, but probably because I overdid it in the first run.

Again, put the Emperor V3 before sleep, and well, same thing: SUPER REAL weird dreams.

Again the shit with my GF, something like super odd, we were super happy and shit, also a female friend of mine saying that I’m too pretty and too good for her, and stuff like that. Which was pretty insane, because this girl was one of the causes of our break up. Again, pretty weird shit lol.

I don’t want these things right now because I’m changing countries in the next months. Isn’t even a thing for me, so why all those dreams? Well, whatever. Continuing: I woke up in the middle of “afternoon” (I sleep in the mornings because I have one main work that I need to do in during the night / dawn because of the difference in timezone). Went to the bathroom but this time, my mind shifted and I got some ideas flowing. It became hard to sleep, but after an hour or so, I could.

Again, super real and colorful dream, my gf was there but not the whole dream was about me and her being together. It was something more like me winning over my competitors in my new business model, cool thing, I felt REALLY energized to keep going.

Well, cool enough for a beginning. I am really surprised with this! Good job, guys.


Emperor is I think one of the tops subs that give you weird dreams consistently.

But the dreams are not literal. They are symbolic. They means something important beyond what is obvious.


Yes, pretty strange. And I started to make a journal about the dreams, but I’m not into “uncovering” it yet. I have too much running right now, a lot of stuff to deal, which makes me put these dreams in the second plan since they’re mostly about my ex and her friend. I believe there’s something to work with, but I still don’t know what and sincerely, as said before, I have too much important things to do before giving any attention to this.

Also, the dreams intensified a little, but since you’re telling that Emperor gives weird dreams, I’m thinking that makes a lot of sense. Really, I only dreamed that way and that much one time in the past.

Thank you, @AMASH. I’ll update this journal soon, I only need to have some time to do it.