My jouney into being a man

I decided to finally join and add my journal experiences after I started seeing results from my custom sub and it may help someone in picking what they want to add in their own custom. My custom is built on the idea that I want to be a man who is powerful and secure in himself and has the skills and knowledge to seduce a woman he is interested in and have enough money to enjoy life. I have picked almost all of modules based on my intuition which has surfaced or rather I started trusting more since using ascension. I have also started using khan st3 as I feel like it completes the stack.

Like I said I mostly picked the modules based on my intuition but I will try to explain to the best of my ability on why I picked them
Major subliminal:
Ascended Mogul

Approachability Aura - I’ve been known to be very unapproachable so this will help in people coming up to me and trying to connect
Blue Skies - Healing
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - Having a little bit of extra intelligence as I want to get into IT and I felt this would help
Serum X: Intuition
Carpe Diem Ascended: Increase my motivation and zest for life
Lion IV : Fits into my idea of becoming my ideal version of a man
Sultan : Adds the aspect of wealth and making money, hopefully it helps with the ascended mogul
Temptation : Be more sexy
BERSERKER : Intuition, it basically called to me to add it to the stack
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver : improve at flirting a learning how to seduce
DEUS : Enhance my results
Gorgeous Manifestor : The more gorgeous women I manifest the more chances I will have to practice
I AM : Fits into the idea of finding myself
Financial Success Reality Shifter : I believe in luck and synchronicity and this is the closest I found to it
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness: for the same reason many probably added it
Rogue: To express myself freely haha.
Instant Seducing Tactician: to be able to easily seduce the woman I’m interested in


Here is what I have noticed so far from playing my custom+khan st3 ( started on the 16th):


  1. Started watching and learning more about seduction for now it’s Corey Wayne and I feel like the information if it fits with my vision, clicks instantly and is internalized into me.

  2. Deleted all the women that I have added on social media that ghosted me or things didn’t progress with. but when I look back at them I understand why they acted the way they did and how I could have escalated it better.

  3. Met this gorgeous girl that fit my type physically but we couldn’t connect so I removed her as there is no point in wasting time.

  4. More dominant in my interactions with women and men, which I can see is making some men who may have slandered me or don’t like me uncomfortable but I do not care as I can really only be myself.

  5. Been feeling some pain on my lower back which has been bothering me since I fell down as a kid(never got it checked) I feel like it’s being healed.

  6. Nothing on the career side, although I have been struggling a little with remembering but once I remember everything click and makes sense.

  7. In general optimistic about life and I feel like good things are on the way.


  1. slacking more at my job, no real motivation to do it but I still get it done
  2. sometimes I get crazy reconciliation that makes me question if this is the right one to use
  3. I keep thinking if I do meet the woman of my dreams will I stop this custom and make a new one?

I won’t update everyday, but only when I feel like something signficant happened that is worth changing.


My vote: It’s a good flexible stack. Even if you meet the woman of your dreams, these modules will help to keep you grounded and help things to develop well. All of those modules are as good in dating or in a relationship as they are outside.


I hope so, I even skipped out on adding the sexual manifestation module specifically for that reason.

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So out of nowhere, the same girl asked me to add her back and that she thinks I’m sweet and that she didn’t see my notifications, I’ve thought about it for a minute but I decided to give her another chance, but literally the next reply she doesn’t open it up. Can someone please explain this behavior??? I’m I being impatient? cause I honestly thought we had connected pretty well, so I am really lost on what to do.

You’re on top of it (and her) a lot. Which means you are hungry.

And don’t let anybody judge you for this, because everyone here was basically doing the same thing with the Q Store. (Checking the mailbox everyday, etc.)

When you’re hungry, surprise, surprise, turns out you get pretty impatient for food. We’ve all been there. In some parts of my life, I’m there right now.

So what do you do? There are external strategies and internal strategies.

One external strategy for dealing with hunger is to find food somewhere else. You’re probably craving attention, intimacy, connection, excitement. So with the external strategy, you go and find that somewhere else.

The internal strategy (my preferred at the moment) is to face the hunger and experience it. Don’t run away from it. Feel the need, the hunger. And own it, as yours. It’s not really about her flakiness or ambivalence. It’s about the need that you bring to the situation. Try to face your need and accept it. Don’t shame yourself. But also don’t shame the world around you for not meeting your need. Instead, accept it.

You’re committed to being a man, and part of being a man is being able to stand in discomfort and remember who you are, without blaming yourself or blaming others.

Easier said than done, but true nonetheless.

p.s. Eventually, your hunger will be satisfied again. You’ll ‘get the girl’ or whatever; your relationship will move to the next level, and so on. The moment that hunger gets satisfied, about 80% of the thoughts you’re thinking now will just disappear just like that. It might not even be very long before you start taking ‘the girl’ for granted and thinking about what might be better. Again, all of this is human life. No crime.

But mastering the situation involves facing your own reactions. Owning them.

I’m sure it doesn’t feel much like an opportunity right now, but these ‘hunger’ situations allow us to see parts of ourselves that are usually much harder to examine. The minute you ‘eat’ or ‘get fed’, all of these sensations disappear and are pretty hard to remember.

This is not about masochism or self-deprivation. It’s just about using the situations where you momentarily find yourself.

Sum it up like this:

If you’re hungry and food is available, then eat.
If you’re hungry and no food is available, then take the opportunity to learn about hunger (even as you simultaneously arrange to get food).


Do nothing. Remain unattached from outcomes, desires and emotions and expectations when dealing with other people. If she does want to talk then she doesn’t have to. Just focus on living your own life.

If you ever feel like defeating her again and she tries to some back then she’s obviously playing games and just wants attention. Something that you should be giving no one for free.