My infrequently updated journal


I have been actively working on some stuff in my life and then one day I stumbled upon subliminals, particularly subliminal club. I was curious about it so gave Ascension lite and I felt there was a change. After thinking over my goals I created this thread:

but couldn’t get enough inputs on the stacking.

after much deliberation I ended with a totally different stack:

1 x Regen
1 x Rebirth
1 x Sanguine
2 x Limitless
3 x Ascension
3 x God Like Mascluinity

Today marks week 1 of my journey and here’s the update:

What worked?
I have calmed down a lot. Previously I used to panic at nearly every opportunity but now I am able to calmly handle situations.

I was also more at ease when talking about my weakness. I tend to hide stuff from people which had made me even more miserable.

I am normally not a very social person, so I myself was surprised when I was worried about the effect of listening subs for 16 hours might have on my social life.

What dint work?

My learning has actually gone down by a lot. This might have nothing to do with Limitless and more to do with disturbed sleep or need for more downtime when listening to subs. I am still figuring out how to get more downtime/sleep.

I feel my self-doubt is still lingering in the background. I am not exactly in sales but I do need to cold call people and I am still procrastinating because I feel afraid of rejection.

My exercise performance has also taken a dip as I don’t feel motivated enough to take on heavy exercise. For now I am just doing GMB elements which doesn’t really push me as hard as I was doing earlier.

Lastly, my laziness :stuck_out_tongue: has still not gone. Though I expected it to be better with Ascension.

For now, I am stuck between whether to stick it out one more week or change it around to get some more stuff done.


That’s good work so far. Remember that with 3 major subs (Regeneration is a major one too), it’ll take longer to have awarenesses in so many areas of life.

I began with Ascension and Rebirth originally. Focusing on one major sub will allow stuff to manifest quicker, and I’ve done solo weeks on AM, Regeneration, and Emperor. Regeneration with Sanguine was a nice mix, but when I added Limitless v.2 to it (in New Dawn format), that went into my system much quicker. I, too, was much less reactive to people.

There’s no single correct way to run these subs. They highly encourage experimenting, and I’ve done some. I am running Kahn Stage One by itself currently since it’s a fully packed sub.

Something I’ll admit to here (haven’t put this in my Kahn journal) is that I ran Ascension v.2 yesterday about 2 hours on my phone after work. Stage One had me a little sad, and I knew I had to go to a bank where the tellers can be flirtatious. I felt really good, and in control of myself. Returned to Kahn when I got home. I felt very successful yesterday :slight_smile:


After much permutation and combination I settled on the following playlist:
Ascension x 4
Daredevil x 4
Limit Destroyer x 4
Godlike Masculinity x 2
Sanguine x 2

What has worked?

I am much more comfortable in social situations. It is a work in progress. Self-doubt is slowly going away. My cold calling habits have improved by a bit.

What didn’t work?

Unfortunately I have been spending time working from home due to commitments. So, the social aspect has yet to fully manifest. Things should improve from next week.

Procrastination and laziness is still a huge problem. I am starting to wonder if Ascension has procrastination related scripts.