My goals, Suggestions needed for stack


I have a bunch of negative lessons about money and work ethic. Divorced and lost my career(that i didn’t like anyway) in the same year. 1) I want to be more independent. I need to find my work and financial success quickly, It doesn’t have to be perfect right away-just enough to sustain myself as i grow on this journey, but I need results sooner rather than later (I know that is cliche, but it is what it is). 2) I am already a good dad but want to be better. 3) I am already very sociable, except with the ladies. This used to not be a problem when i drank but i quit drinking almost 7 months ago and have not found my mojo in that department. I’m not looking to be some ladies man, but for more activity to find the right lady. I put these in order of importance, and i know that all will compliment each other. I have been using emperor for a month and i love the changes. I chose it because it seems to cover all of the things i want to work on. Should i keep going only with that or add something to speed up the things that are higher on the list? Also what order and how many? Any help is welcome and appreciated.


Khan, in my opinion, would be the program that most fits all your needs. That said if you’re looking to stack then possibly Ascended Mogul + Primal Seduction? That’d be my top suggestion for a stack. It would help to know a few things

  1. Your current employment/income situation and what about it you’d expect to change with the help of a program.
  2. You said you’d like to become a better father - in what way? What do you need to do or have to be a better dad?


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  1. i install security alarms, every house i have the potential to upsell and make way more money.
  2. i guess i would like to be a better leader and teacher so my daughter has the right mindset.



Are you looking to stay in that field, move up in your company, increase your commissions, etc. then?

To me it would seem as though Ascended Mogul is what you’re looking for. Step into an alpha male role with ascension, become a leader and teacher at home. This will also help your interactions with women as well to find a partner. Mogul will help you in the work aspects. It’s up to you if you want them individually or get Ascended Mogul itself. My recommendation is AM plus maybe Daredevil to give you a bit of extra social boost (and/or True Social, depending on your budget).


mainly looking to make more in commissions to build up money so i can realize my dream of becoming a real estate investor.


I would suggest Ascended Mogul, bare minimum. It seems to me product that relates to your goals the most